Archive / Papers / Pawsey, Sir C. Papers: Box 7


Sir Charles Pawsey, I.C.S., C.S.I., C.I.E., M.C.

Given by Sir Charles Pawsey, Lady Pawsey and Mr M. Pawsey

  1. Scrapbook containing mostly congratulatory letters on Pawsey receiving his knighthood. (1948). Several others referring to “The Siege” by A. Campbell and a proposed film on Kohima. Various reunion dinners. 4 February 1943 from W.D. Macintyre of 63rd Indian Light Infantry Brigade describing army manoeuvres, and marches – A few personal letters written. in the early 1950s, pp.242.
  2. Envelope entitled ‘The Naga Problem’ Containing the original work written in 1965, pp.12 and Sir Charles Pawsey’s additional material written in 1967, pp.28. There are several copies of both drafts. Also envelope of a draft copy of Ceasefire Politics in Nagaland by Gordon P. Means 1971, pp.34.
  3. Government Regulation Papers 1921-1927 to do with premature retirement, pp.24. Also framed with glass a drawing of a Naga Chief with inscription on the back “From the Burma side of Patko Range … painted by MacCall, Forest Officer”.
  4. MS obituary of J.H. Hutton. 9pp.