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Lent by F.G. Cracknell, I.C.S.

Central Provinces; U.P., 1932-39

(Notes by F.G.C.)

  1. Probationary year 1932:
    • Photograph of the Cambridge University I.C.S. probationers 1932, taken in front of Trinity Hall New Buildings.
    • Photograph of I.C.S. Cambridge probationers’ dinner, 1932, guest of honour (nearest on right) Sir Hugh Stephenson, Governor of Burma.
    • ‘The Prodigal Son’ – phonetic transcription of the gramophone record from which cadets learned Urdu.
    • Table of results in which the marks at both the original exam and the probationary year exam were totalled, and the seniority as between entrants settled.
    • The Covenant as a Member of Civil Service of India signed before proceeding to India.
    • Permission to proceed to India and joining instructions.

    First District – Etawah  1932-1933

    • Photographs illustrative of life and touring I.C.S. officer, all fully annotated.
    • Three views of the Collectors Bungalow, Etawah.
    • Tour Diary, 1932/33 (Etawah) and 1934 (Cawnpore), with 16 snapshots of various places mentioned.
    • Court Diary 1933 with notes.
    • Party photograph, Etawah Club, April 1933, to welcome new District Magistrate.
    • Photograph of party at. Etawah Tennis Club in honour of new D.M. Superintendent of Police, new D.M., all garlanded.
  2. Agra and Delhi  1934-36
    • Small photographs of Akbar’s tomb, Sikandra; Fort Agra; Fatehpur Sikri, Delhi (10).
    • A V.I.P. and self at Fatehpur Sikri.
    • Photo of Silver Jubilee Committee 1935, and badge.
  3. Cawnpore 1933-34 and 1936-39
    • ‘Confession of Shiam Lal’. A typical confession in a dacoity case.
    • Photograph. Cawnpore, Cracknell and S.D.O. on tour of subdivision, Ghatampur. Local officials and personalities in front of the tahsil building (subdivisional headquarters).
    • Photograph – taken in Christmas camp 1933. Officials in the front row (left to right) – Subdivisional Officer Ghatampur; a Cawnpore bank official; Superintendent of Police; Additional District Magistrate; S.P’s. wife; District Magistrate; self.
    • Photographs: Cracknell and S.D.O. (Provincial Service) on tour of Bilhaur subdivision. Gatherings of local officials and gentry, similar to Photo 2. The diary of this tour is in the same book as the Etawah tour.
    • Photograph: Excise staff on occasion of departure of an Excise Inspector (garlanded).
    • Eight photographs ‘Makanpore Fair’, an annual religious-cum-agricultural fair. Scenes at the fair.
    • Tour diary 1937.
    • Three group photographs (self explanatory).
    • Photograph – Office staff – garlanded figures from the left:- Office Superintendent: Deputy Collector (Provincial Service); District Magistrate; self.
    • Two amusing newspaper cuttings.
    • Articles (19), letters, newspaper cuttings of amusement, thanks and flattery to F.G.C. (unofficial).
    • 5 letters of thanks (official).
    • 7 newspaper cuttings, mainly from The Pioneer of Court cases in front of Mr. F.C. Cracknell.
    • 9 miscellaneous newspaper cuttings of social events.
  4. 3 poems by F.G.C.