Showers Family Papers

History of a family in India over a number of generations, comprising mainly those papers concerning (among others):

  • Capt. Charles Lionel Showers, 1781-1815,
  • his brother Col. Howe Daniel Showers, 1786-1829,
  • two of Howe’s sons: Maj. Gen. St. George Daniel Showers, 1808-1865,
  • and Lt. Gen. Charles Lionel Showers, 1816-1895,
  • Charles’s son Col. Herbert Lionel Showers, 1862-1916,
  • Herbert’s wife Christian Stirling-Showers, 1879-1975(?), and their son Lionel James Showers, 1904- [aka “Lin”]

Box 1  – Letters from Col. Howe Showers to his son; comments on government policy and trade and commerce.

Box 2 – Family history in India; Letters of Capt. C.L. Showers, descriptive of career; 1857 uprising; career of Lt. Gen. C.L. Showers.

Box 3 – Letter book of Lt. Gen. C.L. Showers (letters written when at various ranks thorughout his career).

Box 4 – Personal fiels of Capt. H.L. Showers while Political Agent in Zhob and border districts.

Box 5 – Papers of Gen. H.L. Showers while Resident in Jaipur and on his appointment to Nepal, 1912.

Box 6 – Papers relating to the careers of Col. L.J. Showers (mostly N.W.F.P.) and Col. Howe Showers; also the death of Col. Howe Showers and arrangements made thereafter.

Box 7 – Ephemera and personal objects; historical pamphlets; notes on misconduct hearing.

Box 8 – Further notes on misconduct hearing; papers on famines; papers relating to 1857 uprising.