Archive / Papers / Showers Family Papers: Box 4


Personal files of Captain H.L. Showers kept while he was Political Agent:

  1. Baluchistan Agency, 1898-99. Takes over in March 1898 from Captain M.A. Tighe, in Karachi. Transferred to Zhob as Political Assistant, September 1898 (Political Agent 1899). Consists of pay slips, travelling allowances, leave, examinations, telegrams, etc. while Captain.
  2. Quetta, 1900. Peshin Agency personal file.
  3. Printed correspondence and reports about the Mekran border troubles, their history and consequences; Showers’ report of a tour of the district which is very detailed; appendices on geographical features etc. of the tour:
    • Correspondence about enlisting Brahuis and Baluchis; camp diary of Col. C.E. Yate, A.G.G. Baluchistan, 1 December 1901-25 January 1902, which describes the engagement at Kataluk (see envelope) in which Colonel Showers took a major part.
    • Further correspondence between the A.G.G. Baluchistan and Secretary to the Government of India, Foreign Department, about the Persian border situation (1901); includes Colonel Showers’ report on his tour of the Mekran area, 1900.
  4. Kalat Agency, 1901. Personal file:
    • MS copies of letters about pay, furlough, etc.
    • Another copy of report on Mekran tour.
    • Printed correspondence between the Secretary to the Government of India, Foreign Department and the Ambassador at Tehran, Sir A.H. Hardinge, about the border disputes between Baluchistan and Persia.
    • Printed regulations for rates of pay, allowances etc.
    • Reports and correspondence arising therefrom, from Major H.L. Showers, Political Agent, Kalat, to Colonel C.E. Yate, A.G.G. Baluchistan, 12 December 1901, on his tour through the Jhallawan country, and the question of establishing more effective control over the tract.
    • Conferment of C.I.E. telegrams etc.
    • Further copy of the report on the Nodiz Fort incident, including for the first time a plan of the Fort.
    • Copy of full report of Major Showers’ report of his tour in Mekran and Mashkel, Part I.
    • Report of his operations on the Perso-Baluch Frontier, Part II.
    • Report by Major H.L. Showers of tour of the Jhallawan area made March 1903 primarily for settlement of dispute between Mengal and Chutta tribes for possession of the Saruna Valley, but also as a general survey of the BaluchistanPersian border area.
    • Copy of Major Showers’ report on tour of Mekran, October 1903 – January 1904, with proposals which were approved – see subsequent correspondence in the file.
    • Route reports, Palantak to Pasni via Panjgur and Turbat, December 1903.