Archive / Papers / Showers Family Papers: Box 2


Envelope A – early history of Colonel H.L. Showers:

  1. Certificate of enrolment with Mussoorie Volunteer Rifle Corps. 1877-79.
  2. Copy of questions to be answered by a candidate for first appointment to a commission in the Auxiliary Forces. 6 May 1881.
  3. Copy of certificate of H.L. Showers’ studies at Dehru Dun and Landour School from H.A. Donald. 29 July 1879.
  4. Certificate of studies from H.A. Donald, Mussoorie. 20 July 1880.
  5. Letter from H.L. Showers in 9th Foot (Norfolk Regiment) attached to the 17th B.N.I. from Suakin, Sudan, 25 March 1885, to his father. Describes an engagement in which the B.N.I. gave way and asks why this was. (copy) 4 pp.
  6. TS copy of part of another letter from H.L. Showers, 15 April 1885, to his father.
  7. MS letter from C.L. Showers, to H.L., 3 December 1887, about oratory.
  8. MS letter from H.L. Showers to his father from Buklol, 27 December 1886.
  9. Letter from H.L. Showers to his father, 25 December 1889, Rajputana, about promotion and trying to get into the Political Service; sets out his qualifications.
  10. An epilogue to be spoken at a play; a song written on board R.M.S. Oriental, 26 March 1891.
  11. Collection of nine miscellaneous letters to H.L. Showers and his father.

Envelope B – contains notes etc. on the lives of various members of the Showers family:

  1. Envelope containing extract (copy) of a letter about Colonel (later Brigadier) St. G.D. Showers written 14 August 1857, and his exploits during the siege of Delhi.
  2. Unnamed, undated extract MS about Colonel Showers during siege of Delhi.
  3. MS copy of extract of dispatches relating to the death of Captain C.L. Showers of the 19th Regiment Bengal Infantry, in the attack on Malown on 15 April 1815.
  4. Newspaper cutting from The Statesman October 1833 about the credit due to Captain C.L. Showers rather than General Ochterlony for the success of the assault on Malown.
  5. Photograph of Captain C.L. Showers’ memorial tablet in St. John’s Church, Calcutta.

Large letter book A – Lt. Gen. C.L. Showers:

Contains largely the MS material referred to in his pamphlets and book A missing chapter of the Indian mutiny – the letters and statements in support of his action at Neemuch and Neembahera in 1857, which actions led to his dismissal from the Political Service, and transfer to the Military:

  • A1. Letter from J.D. Cunningham, Loodiana, 15 December 1849, about his own memorial and re-instatement; has seen Lord Dalhousie.
  • A2. Part of a letter to General – from Camp Ramnuggur 28 February 1849 describing a successful action by the British against Sikh and Afghan forces at Gujerat. It seems to be a copy, corrected before re-writing by C.L. Showers. See A4.
  • A3. MS extract.
  • A4. Set of papers, originally tied together, comprising copies of appendices A – D, No. 44 from the Secretary to the Government of India, to Captain C.L. Showers, Rajputana, 30 January 1849 – orders to march to Lahore with Rajput Horse; operations near Wazirabad. Appendix D – letter of recommendation for services in campaign from General F. Markham. Copy of memorial of Captain C.L. Showers (14th B.N.l:) A.G.G., Rajputana, to the Court of Directors dated 2 February 1850, camp near Neemuch – pleading he was not mentioned in the Gazette for brevet promotions; describes the battle of Gujerat in detail.
  • A5. Report from Captain C.L. Showers, Officiating P.A. Jaipur, to Col. J. Low, A.G.G., Rajputana, Jaipur 30 November 1849, replying to request to report on the debts due by the Jaipur Government, and anything else interesting. Detailed account of finance, including Maharaja’s private purse, and the necessity for assuming management of his affairs during his minority; statement of estimated revenue. 16 pp.
  • A6. Memorandum …. by Captain Showers … regarding his employments in the Punjab during the campaign of 1848-49; further accounts of events before and during the battle of Gujerat and defending the independent action he took; copies of orders received during campaign and after with pencil annotations – – by Showers. 12 pp.
  • A7. Extract from a letter from the A.G.G., Rajputana (Lt. Col. Sutherland) to Undersecretary Foreign Department, 23 April 1846. Reference to C.L. Showers. 4 pp.
  • A8. Second extract from the same, applying for the services of C.L.S., 23 June 1847. 1 p.
  • A9. Appointment to Rajputana Agency, 6 July 1847. 1 p.
  • A10. Copies of letters from the A.G.G. to Lt. C.L. Showers about his kind treatment of outlawed chiefs (Seekur family) 3 November 1847. 7 pp.
  • A11. Unfinished diary written on folded sheets, of military operations around Ferozepur.16 pp.
  • A12. Copy of draft (much corrected) of official letter from Captain Showers, Officiating Political Agent, Jaipur to Colonel Sir Henry Lawrence A.G.G., Rajputana, 2 May 1855. Observations on the state of Jaipur December 1854 – May 1855. 46 pp.
  • A13. Three empty envelopes addressed to Captain Showers. 2 with seals; post mark on one: 28 May 1857, Neemuch.
  • A14. Letter to Captain Showers from General Markham congratulating him on ‘your successful affair at Neembhaira’ etc.
  • A15. Two letters in a form of Hindi, 1857.
  • A16. Three letters from Sir Henry Lawrence about salary etc.
  • A17. Copies of narratives of occurrences in Delhi written ‘by a native residing within the walls of the city commencing 11 May 1857’. 6 pp. Native news from the city of Delhi 22 July 1857. (copy) 2 pp. Letter from a friend from Delhi. n.d. 5 pp.
  • A18. Letter from Captain J.D. Macdonald, Doongra 6 June 1857 asking for help. 1 p.
  • A19. Copy of Dr. Murray’s narrative of the mutiny at Neemuch 3 June (1857). 7 pp.
  • A20. MS drafts and copies of supporting letters, of memorial to the Secretary of State, by Major Showers, on the Neembhara affair in 1857 and its consequences. 8 pp.
  • A21. Copy of general report on Meywar during the recent rebellion in India 1857-58. 82 pp.
  • A22. Purport of a Khureeta from Captain Showers, Officiating Political Agent, Meywar, to the Muharaj Tookoo Rao Holkar (sic) 14 July 1857, and reply 26 July 1857.
  • A23. Copy of a letter from Captain Showers to Colonel Durand, A.G.G. Indore, references of good conduct during the mutiny of various individuals. 2 pp.
  • A24. Copy of a letter from Captain Showers in Neemuch to Brigadier General G.S.P. Lawrence, Officiating A.G.G., Rajputana 28 September 1857. Account of the proceedings and military operations which resulted in the occupation of Neembahera. 8 pp.
  • A25. Correspondence between Major W.F.Eden, Officiating A.G.G. Rajputana, the P.A. Gwalior, the Superintendent Neemuch, the Secretary to the Governor-General Cecil Beadon and Captain Showers etc. about the investigation into the supposed buried treasure at Neemuch, 13-28 January 1860: (Captain Showers accused of exceeding his legitimate sphere of duty, and his reply etc.) 29 pp.
  • A26. This item was returned to Colonel L.J. Showers in 1970.
  • A27. Copy of a letter from F.B. to his mother and signed as a true copy by C.H. Barnes of the 2nd Horse Artillery, about mutineers at-Kotah. 13 – 1857.
  • A28. Extract of letter about the fight before Delhi on 14 July 1857 with statistics of killed or wounded.
  • A29. Two letters in -Urdu.
  • A30. Thirteen letters from the Nawab of Jowra to Captain Showers from Jowra 11 July 1857-14 June 1858 – references to Delhi; the Mundesore rebellion; requesting help from mutineers still at large who have plundered Malaghur, and are in Partabgarh and Bundeswara; regretting death of Sir Henry Lawrence, and the ‘Nimbhara transaction’ etc.
  • A31. Copy of substance of a native letter … events at Delhi …. 11th and 12th May (signed) by C.L. Showers. 5 pp.
  • A32. Part of a letter from General Durand.
  • A33. Letter from Captain Showers Officiating Political Agent, Meywar, to Brigadier General G.S.P. Lawrence Officiating A.G.G. Rajputana, Udaipur, 5 March 1858, giving information relevant to military operations in the Kotah region. 9 pp.
  • A34. Dispatch from General G. Lawrence asking Captain Showers for report on his pursuit of the Neemuch. mutineers, 17 August 1857.
  • A35. Copy of a letter from General Chamberlain, camp before Delhi 13 July 1857, giving statistics of forces.
  • A36. Extract of a letter from Colonel Keith Young 12 August 1857.
  • A37. Copy of letter in romanized vernacular from the Nawab of Jowra, n.d. n.p.
  • A38. Letter from – Neemuch 31 May -1857 about the conditions of Neemuch – reporting news from Colonel Durand all quiet at Agra and giving other military news.
  • A39. Letter from Colonel Ebden to C.L. Showers 1 June 1857 from Mount Abu reporting Colonel G. Lawrence’s orders about attitude towards mutineers and urging frequent communication.
  • A40. Letter from Colonel Sir Richmond Shakespear, Baroda, 9 August 1857 about Durand’s tactics near Lucknow; Lawrence and Hutchinson etc.
  • A41. Letter from Colonel Abbot 17 July 1857 – testimonial to second officer.
  • A42. Seven letters from Colonel Durand, 1857:
    • Indore, 26 May – no troops for Rajputana.
    • Indore, 29 June – no European troops available; news of Gwalior rising; his own position.
    • Camp Burware, right bank of River Narbudda, 29 July – about advance to Mhow; other mutiny news.
    • Mhow, 9 August – incomplete letter asking for news of Delhi; Brigadier Stuart there.
    • Mhow, 27 August – uneasy quiet.
    • Mhow, 16 September – reinforcements arrive; Mundesore insurrection growing less.
    • Camp Mundesore, 27 November – regarding fugitives and military operations.
  • A43. United Service Gazette, 22 November 1884 – obituaries of General Sir George St. Patrick Lawrence and Colonel Barnes; the latter fought at Neembahera, 1857.
  • A44. From Secretary to the Government in India to A.G.G., Rajputana, 2 October 1857 about Captain Showers’ presence at Neemuch.
  • A45. From Captain Showers to Brigadier General G. Lawrence justifying his actions in Meywar and Neemuch, 1 December 1857. 3 pp.
  • A46. From Brigadier General G. Lawrence to Captain Showers 14 November 1857 – covering letter for (A44) and the letter of the Secretary to the Government of India to Lawrence, 18 September 1857 on the same subject.
  • A47. Letter from Captain John O. Brooke, Khewarah, 29 October 1857.
  • A48. Copy of letter from Sir Arthur Becher, Camp Delhi, 9 September 1857, to the Assistant Agent to the Governor-General, describing beginning of the siege of Delhi.
  • A49. Letter from Charles E. Barton, Khukun, 5 June 1857 – early days of mutiny.
  • A50. Letter from Captain Showers to Brigadier General G. Lawrence, 5 February 1858, about gratuity distributed at Neemuch without permission and reason for doing so.
  • A51. Letter from Captain Showers and others to Brigadier General G. Lawrence requesting reward for the Meywar Bheel Corps 29 March 1858. 7 pp.
  • A52. Further long explanatory letter about his actions at Neemuch etc. from Captain Showers to Brigadier General G. Lawrence, 23 December 1857. 6 pp.
  • A53. Letter from Captain Barton to C.L Showers, Neemuch, 14 June 1857 – defection of Bhurt pur troops etc.
  • A54. Letter from J. Brooke about Gwalior mutiny and other mutiny news, Chola Ladree. n.d.
  • A55. Letter from C.L. Showers’ brother 25 March 1857.
  • A56. Two extracts, no name, no date.
  • A57. Copies of letters from Captain Eden to Brigadier General Lawrence, 11 September 1857, and to Captain Eden from Colonel Young pp. Col. Durand, Delhi HQ, 15 September 1857 – about taking the city.
  • A58. MS papers connected with the removal of Major C.L. Showers from the Political Department:
    • Extract from letters, from the Foreign Secretary to the Government of India, and Under Secretary of State for India, 1860 and 1862.
    • Printed memorandum of Major C.L. Showers’ services in the Political Department, 6 August 1862. 8 pp.
  • A59. Letter of complaint from Captain Showers, written Oodeypore, 22 June 1858 to Mr. Edmonstone about pursuit of rebels authorized by Brigadier General Lawrence into Meywar and the conduct there of the officer commanding. 11 pp.
  • A60. Captain Showers to General Lawrence, Oodeypore, 30 April 1858 – commending a Naick and four sepoys.
  • A61. Letter from Captain Eden, 18 June 1858.
  • A62. Letter from St.G.D. Showers to his brother C.L. Showers, Agra, 26 June 1858 – about pursuit of rebels.
  • A63. Recommendation for bravery for two officers by C.L. Showers, 18 August 1859.
  • A64. Report by C.L. Showers to Brigadier General G. Lawrence, 8 April 1858 – justifying his construction of entrenchments at Neemuch. 13 pp.
  • A65. Secret correspondence relating to the crisis confided by Maharana Soroop Singh of Udaipur to Captain Showers, Resident Meywar, for submission to the Governor-General, Oodeypore, 21 February 1858. (Original torn; copy.) 15 pp.
  • A66. Letter from the India Office 14 April 1862 about Captain Showers’ removal from Political Department.
  • A67. Copy of letter of dismissal from Major Eden Officiating A.G.G., Rajputana to Captain Showers, 14 March 1860 – enclosing copies of letters from the Secretary to the Government of India with those of the Governor-General.
  • A68. Copy of MS of Captain C.L. Showers’ memorial. 37 pp.
  • A69. TS ‘Colonel Malleson and General Showers’; a review, no author, no date. 6 pp.
  • A70. Letter from Sir John Strachey- about pamphlet 28 June 1860 (with envelope and stamp.)
  • A71. Satirical rhyme ‘Who caught Tantia Topee ….’ composed by a sergeant of the 3rd Bengal Europeans, January 1860.
  • A72. Printed copy of ‘Memorandum of Major Showers’ political services in Rajpootana. Simla, 8 September 1863.