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Items 1 – 17: Xerox copies of seventeen letters from Colonel Howe Showers, 1826-28, to his son, later Major General St. George Showers, written after the father had become ill at Allahabad and was on his way home down the Ganges, first to Calcutta and then to England, where he was soon to die. The letters are purely personal, and admonitary, and reflect anxiety about promotion and preferment, and the necessity of good behaviour and patronage to obtain both.

Printed papers about Lt. Gen. C.L. Showers:

  1. Newspaper cutting from The Home News 27 September 1895, with obituary of Lt. Gen. Charles Lionel Showers.
  2. Memorandum of Colonel C.L. Showers’ services in the Political Department, 14 pp.
  3. Memorandum on Colonel C.L. Showers (regarding his removal from the Political Service). 18 pp.
  4. Appendix to the memorandum above, pp. 27-49. Reprints of letters etc., about Colonel Showers’ action at Neemuch and Neembahera.
  5. Proposal of a plan for remodelling the Government of India by Captain Charles Showers, Bengal Army, Political Agent for the States of Rajpootana (sic). London, 1853.
  6. ‘The Central Asian question’, by Charles Lionel Showers. London, 1873.
  7. ‘The Central Asian question and massacre at the Cabin Embassy’, by Major-General C.L. Showers. London, 1879.
  8. ‘Commercial treaties and foreign competition; a treatise on “fair trade”‘, by C. Halford Thompson. London, 1881.
  9. Indian history and Colonel G.B. Malleson, C.S.I. being a correspondence between the author of ‘Kaye re-written’ and Major-General C.L. Showers. London, 1881.
  10. a, b. The Cossack at the Gate of India by Lt. Gen. Showers. 2nd ed. London, 1885. (2 copies)
  11. Book: A missing chapter of the Indian mutiny by Lt. Gen. Lionel Showers. London, 1888.