Archive / Papers / Showers Family Papers: Box 6


Envelope A:

  1. TS article ‘Sedition in India’, by Major H.L. Showers, submitted to Maga (Blackwoods) and refused; dated London, 15 February 1908. 32 pp. Also 1(a) – 1(d) letters from A. Martindale, 27 February 1908; William Blackwood, 4 and 15 August 1908; Sir Charles Crosthwaite, 8 August 1908: all referring to this article.
  2. Several cuttings from The Times, 1908 referring to India and Asia and sedition particularly.
  3. Three papers (3a – 3c) by Mrs. Christian Showers: Baluchistan. 5 pp.; A tour in Mekran 1903. 6 pp.; The holy valley (life in Nepal 1912-14). 22 pp.

Envelope B:

Miscellaneous papers belonging to Colonel L.J.G. Showers, relating to Colonel H.L. Showers:

  1. Letter from George W. Hayward to Colonel H.L. Showers from Gilgit about expedition in Pamirs. 17 February 1870.
  2. Extract about another expedition to the sources of the Touse on the southern face of the Baring.
  3. MS on blue foolscap paper in the writing of an old person (shaky hand), “A letter from the people & Baba Loke of India to ….. John Bull of Englishstan”.
  4. Copy of Mrs. Showers’ article “The Holy Valley – impressions of Nepal” printed in The “Khaki” Calendar of Naval and Military Events, September 1916.
  5. MS on the same blue paper and same writing as the previous item (3) entitled “Notes, explanations and remarks on each of the places mentioned in the route map”, together with a paper, “A rough sketch of Chylass, Ghilghit, Iskardo and Leh”.
  6. Article from the Imperial Gazetteer of Baluchistan, called “Gabrbands in Baluchistan”, by E. Hughes Buller. 1906.
  7. Article in The Indiaman, 5 November 1915 called “New recruiting fields: the Baluchi and Rajput Tribesmen”, by Lt. Col. H.L. Showers.

Envelope C:

Papers relating to L.J. Showers:

  1. Letters from Colonel L.J. Showers to his mother written from India as Lieutenant in the lst Battalion lst Regiment King George’s Own Gurkha Rifles, March 1930. Dharmsala as Quartermaster; news of riots in Peshawar and Calcutta; goes to Amritsar to help the Government in keeping peace; 30 May 1930, account of mutiny of two Garhwalie platoons (and rioting in Peshawar) and dispersing of troops in the Punjab to restore and keep peace; description of moving regiment.
  2. Map of Amritsar drawn by L.J. Showers with picquets etc. for his signallers and description of how they kept order; in Amritsar for some time with regiment; daily life; heat; outbreaks of rioting; small arms school, Pahmali; panther shooting; 1931, Jula Talao Post Peshawar; describes the troubles round Peshawar in letter to Sir Norman – during the summer of 1930 and describes the methods of combating the raids (posts from the Khyber to Kohat) and roadmaking; announces he is to be adjutant.
  3. Group of Nepal letters in envelope – twenty years after his parents had been there.
  4. Miscellaneous letters undated. Rough sketch of Khajiri Field Force.

Envelope D:

  1. Xerox copy of Mrs. Christian Showers-Stirling’s notes on her life, begun 1960, corrections made 1969.
    • Born 1879.
    • Goes to India in 1902 via London, Bombay, Karachi to Quetta, where she lived with her uncle and aunt. Her uncle was in the army and in Western Command. Goes to Delhi Durbar in December.
    • 1903 Lord Curzon’s Durbar and investiture. Engaged to Major Herbert Showers who is in the Political Service, Naini Tal – describes life there. Married there July 1903. Tours with her husband in Kalat and Quetta. Goes with her husband to gather all the tribal heads to meet Lord Curzon at Pasni, and on to Karachi. Turbat, Jatt, Las Bela and Karachi.
    • First child born. As Political Agent’s wife, Mastung. Her husband starts silkworm industry. More touring in the area after leave. Returns to Kalat. Second child born in Quetta.
    • Life in Quetta and Kalat 1906. In Jaipur as wife of Officiating Resident – visits etc.
    • In 1907 leave Jaipur. Go to Agra for the Durbar in honour of the Amir of Afghanistan’s visit. Gwalior. Leave.
    • As wife of Political Agent in Alwar, 1908-09.
    • Jaipur 1909. Leave and return to Jaipur for Viceregal visit (Lord and Lady Minto); description of this visit, and plan of other V.I.P.s visits.
    • Jaipur touring 1910; visitors; incidents in Residency life in Jaipur and Mount Abu. Staying with Viceroy; Crown Prince of Germany’s visit; Prince Antoine d’Orleans Braganza; Warren Hastings’ ghost. Tonk. Simla life.
    • Delhi Durbar 1911. Incident of Maharaja of Baroda. Visit of King and Queen to Jaipur. Further touring and visiting minor rajahs.
    • Transferred to Nepal 1912. Leave for a month to collect children. Residency at Katmandu. Tours, big game shooting etc.
    • The King of Nepal’s coronation, 1913. Residency life. Leave Quetta 1913 as Judicial and Revenue Commissioner’s wife. Meet Sitwells.
    • In 1914, Resident at Udaipur (where her husband’s father had been in mutiny times i.e. C.L. Showers). Camp in Chitor Fort but it had a terrible atmosphere.
    • Her husband’s illness and retirement 1915 and death 1916. The remainder of the journal recounts her life in England.
  2. Folder relating to to the death of Captain H. Showers in 1880:
    Letters to Edward Melian Showers in Bengal relating to his brother Howe’s death, 26 March 1880. (Captain H.F. Showers, 1st P.I.).

    • Letter from Julia Lambert at Kalin office to E.M. Showers (her cousin) about the death of Captain Howe Showers. 28 March 1880.
    • Copy of telegram dated 27 March (1880) in Mrs. Lambert’s handwriting, sent to Major Halliday from Captain Wyllie enclosed with above letter, giving news of the death of Captain Howe Showers.
    • Envelope addressed to E.M. Showers, Esq., D.S.P., Krishnagar, Bengal, from Quetta, posted April 1 (1880), and received Krishnagar, April 8, and containing the following letters from J.C. Fullerton, resident surgeon in Quetta.
      • Describes how Captain Howe Showers, returning from Sibi to Quetta, not by the regular route, was attacked and killed by tribesmen, and how his body was recovered and buried. 30 March 1880.
      • Letter dated 31 March 1881 to E.M.S. enclosing lock of Howe Showers’ hair [not discovered] and telling him that 400 Panerzai Kakas were in arms, and a punitive expedition was being sent to them.
      • Letter from J.F. Fullerton about impossibility of getting gravestone at Quetta and advising E.M.S. to have one sent by rail. Also describes the punitive expedition carried out.
    • Note from J. Lambert to E.M.S. possibly about method of payment but difficult to decipher, 18 April (1880).
    • Letter from Major W. Marshall, 4th Bombay Rifles, President of Committee of Adjustment to E.M.S. dated 2 April 1880, asking of he will take over the administration of the estate of Captain Howe Showers.
    • Committee of Adjustment in Quetta to Brigadier General Brooke, saying that E.M.S. will administer Captain Howe Showers’ estate, and mentioning some of his possessions which were not sold but kept for the family. 20 May 1880.
    • Letter from Brigadier General H. Brooke to E.M.S. offering help in returning Captain Howe Showers’ effects to England and mentioning Captain Showers’ character. Envelope which enclosed item 5.
    • Letter from Major W. Marshall in Quetta to E.M.S., 11 June 1880, asking about final winding up of Captain H. Showers’ estate.
    • Letter from Mr. Thomas Hope, Assistant A.G.G., Quetta, from Camp Sibi, 2 March 1881, to a female relation of Captain Howe Showers about the disposal of his personal effects which had not been carried out, and mentioning the gravestone.
    • Envelope dated Quetta 16 April, Krishnagar 23 April.
    • Memorandum dated 7 June 1881 to E.M.S. at Krishnagar from Col. C. Beadon in Lahore, informing him of sculptors in Lahore.
    • Postcard to E.M.S. from Delhi, about a sculptor in Delhi for gravestone.
    • Quotation from sculptor in Delhi to E.M.S. for different designs of tombstone and lettering, 24 June 1881.
    • Letter from sculptor Nund Ram & Son, in Delhi, 8 August 1881 to E.M.S. asking him to correct the inscription copy.
    • Receipt from Nund Ram for an advance of 50 Rupees on total sum for large tombstone.
    • Letter from J.C. Fullerton to the Officiating District Superintendent of Police, Krishnagar, 4 September 1881, giving instructions for sending up Howe Showers’ tombstone.
    • Postcard from the sculptor of the tombstone saying it is ready for dispatch, 26 December 1881.
    • Letter enclosing balance of account for the tombstone and carriage to Quetta, 6 January 1882 from the sculptors in Delhi, Nund Ram & Son.
    • Payee’s acknowledgement for money order for balance of account of 86 Rupees 12 annas dated 19 January 1882.
    • Note from Nund Ram & Son to E.M.S. saying tombstone had been dispatched, 3 February 1882.
    • Receipt for balance of payment to Nund Ram & Son, 3 February 1882.
    • Letter from the A.A.G.G. Sibi about transport of tombstone to Quetta from Sibi, 6 May 1882.
    • Original reference from Sir Robert Sandeman, Agent to the Governor-General, Baluchistan, about Captain H.F. Showers, who had been murdered 14 March 1880.
    • TS extract from Shadbolt’s ‘Afghan campaign 1878-80’, about Captain H.F. Showers, lst Punjab Infantry, murdered 1880.