Archive / Papers / Showers Family Papers: Box 5


  1. “Resident’s personal file” :- (Major Showers’ personal papers):
    • Takes over July 1906. Telegrams about wife’s enteric; delay; letters about leave etc. Telegrams about quantity of silkworm eggs, and letters about seri-culture.
    • Cutting from The Baluchistan Gazette 12 October 1906 describing the visit of the Viceroy, Lord Minto, to Quetta, including congratulatory speech to the Khan of Kalat on peaceful period and mentioning development of the silk industry at Mastung and the forthcoming visit of the Amir of Afghanistan.
    • Telegrams etc., about leave.
    • Judgements. Duplicate judgement of case of forgery of 26 June 1896 in the court of the District Magistrate Ajmer, Captain H.L. Showers as District Magistrate. Also for 18 August 1896.
  2. “Residency Jaipur”:- containing papers on the history, religious history and anthropology of Rajputana; also notes on the statues in the Residency gardens; a brief sketch of the Sheikhawati Federation (between Bikaner and Patiala North of Jaipur) and brief historical notes on Sheikhawah by the Nazim of Sheikhawah. MS.
  3. Envelope containing 37 items:-
    • Decorated page partly in Urdu, 1900.
    • Second decorated page partly in Urdu, 1900.
    • (a) Newspaper cutting from The Pioneer, Thursday 28 July 1910, describing the visit of the Agent to the Governor-General in Rajputana, Mr. E.G. Colvin, C.S.I. to Jaipur.
      (b) Two letters partly in Urdu.
    • Newspaper cutting from Times of India, 27 December 1910 – description of the visit to Jaipur of the Crown Prince of Germany during his tour in the East.
    • Printed papers: Camp diary kept by Col. C.E. Yate, Agent to the Governor-General and Chief Commissioner in Baluchistan, to the Secretary to the Government of India Foreign Department, from 1 December 1901-25 January 1902. Kept during tour in Mekran and Las Bela, recording the information collected regarding those districts and the coast ports. 15 December 1901 Turbot. Records siege by Nazim of Turbot of Muhammad Ali Din Muhammad in the Nodiz Fort. Yate awaits Lt. Col. Showers, Political Agent of Kalat with escort and guns, and describes the attack and capture of the Fort. (pages 1-11, 15-16, 19-31 missing.) Continues with tour diary.
    • Printed reports on tour from Lt. Col. H.L. Showers, Political Agent, Kalat, to the Hon. Colonel C.E. Yate, Agent to the Governor-General in Baluchistan, Camp Tump, 8 January 1902, on suppression of outlaws on border; Persian raids into Kalati Mekran; boundary dispute; individual chiefs; keeping law and order in general. (11 pp.)
    • Programme of events arranged for the Viceroy’s visit to Jaipur, 28-30 October 1909, together with information about Jaipur Residency and, for those visiting, memo of instructions for native servants accompanying the Viceroy. (9 pp.)
    • Letter of good wishes to Major H.L. Showers, the Resident at Jaipur from the Maharajah S. Madho Singh, 31 December 1906.
    • Letter from Quetta posting H.L. Showers to Central Provinces, 14 September 1900.
    • Covering letter from Colonel Showers at the Kalat Agency, with notes of his conversation with Major Ramsay about Kalat affairs. (Notes not yet found, 14 September 1970. Ed.)
    • (a) and (b) Seating plan, one in MS the other TS including His Imperial Majesty Prince George of Battenburg and the Hon. John Fortescue. n.d.
    • Two MS draft letters to Sir Louis Dane (Lieutenant Governor of Punjab):-
      • 6 September 1906 from Colonel Showers – expressing his wishes for his future; to return to the Frontier etc. particularly Gilgit, and not to Kalat.
      • 20 September 1907 – similar letter.
    • Printed article: ‘The Meywar Bhil Corps’, by Lt. H.L. Showers, Assistant to Agent to Governor-General. Rajputana, n.d.
    • MS letter from the Nazim of Mekran, 29 October 1915, in answer to Col. Showers’ letter which reached him in the middle of the battle of Gomazi near Tump, between Baran Zais and himself; description of this battle.
    • MS letter from W.S. Davis to Col. Showers, 14 June 1904, about dispute over local and language allowances.
    • MS letter of appreciation from H. Butler, Foreign Office, Simla, to Col. Showers.
    • (a) to (d) MS of telegram of congratulation 7 May 1902, on Mekran operation. Letters of congratulation on C.I.E. from E.F. Orton and J.W. Tighe; newspaper cutting from the Baluchistan newspaper 4 July 1902 with congratulatory paragraph. All these consider C.I.E. insufficient recognition for Mekran operation.
    • Letter of acknowledgement about notice in Jaipur Gazette, 28 April 1909.
    • Newspaper cutting describing the warning issued by the Maharaja of Bundi, Rajputana, against sedition. Not date but – relating to preceding item.
    • Newspaper cutting about Col. Showers.
    • Letter of farewell from Maharaja of Alwar from Lansdowne Palace, Alwar. 14 October -.
    • Small account book without cover, 1892-93.
    • (a) newspaper cutting from The Pioneer, Monday 11 September 1911, with article “Farewell to Colonel Showers” (from Alwar as Agent, on amalgamation of state into Eastern Rajputana) describing state banquet given by the Maharaja, and
      (b) TS of Showers’ speech.
    • Newspaper cutting from The Pioneer, Friday 29 March 1912, with article describing the farewell to Colonel Showers, Resident in Jaipur, about to take up appointment as Resident in Nepal.
    • Miscellaneous papers:-
      • 5 September 1902. Appreciation of Government for Major Showers’ services in dealing with Persian Government representatives.
      • Letter from Col. C.E. Yate in Quetta (A.G.G. Baluchistan) 30 July 1903 about Maharaja’s wedding present.
      • I. and II. Reports Nos. 1906E and 1904E from the Indian foreign secretary, Simla, 15 September 1902 about the British-Persian negotiations regarding compensation for the raids committed by Muhammad Umar, Nausherwani, in Baluch-Mekran, and the conciliatory part played by Major Showers in this border dispute.
      • Prescription for Col. Showers, 5 June 1915.
      • Report by Lt. Col. A.C. Yate, 29th (D.C.O.) Baluch Infantry, on his arrest by an Afghan picquet and detention at Fort Baldak, 6-26 April 1903. (Lt. Col. Yate was brother of the A.G.G. Baluchistan.)
      • Letter of congratulation from the A.G.G. Baluchistan on Col. Showers’ settlement report on the Sarawan area. 11 April 1903.
      • Reports on the redistribution of work in the Kalat Agency and the increase in the powers of the native assistant, and assistant Political Adviser, Jhallawan. 31 October 1904.
      • Five letters (25h-l) from Sir Charles Bayley, Resident at Indore 1900: about various cases, and protest at Showers being moved so quickly to Kalat; note wishing H.L.S. good luck at Quetta; to Mrs. Showers 1903 with wedding present; to Col. Showers about going to Indore.
    • Miscellaneous letters to Major Showers:-
      • 1 August 1907. From the Jam of Lasbela.
      • 10 September 1907. From G. Macalister, in Jaipur.
      • 17 September 1908. From H. Butler in Simla to Lady Gaselee – about Major Showers’ appointment to Alwar.
      • 5 March 1918. From C.E. Stothad, Jaipur, to Mrs. Solomons – about memorial tablet to Colonel Showers.
      • Drawing from a magazine of Colonel Showers and the Governor-General of Kirman watching the destruction of Magas Fort.
      • 30 September 1904. Note made by Major Showers: ‘Drummond has joined the H.B. faction – not loyal’.
    • Printed confidential report from Lt. Col. H.L. Showers, Officiating Resident in Nepal to Lt. Col. Sir A.E. McMahon, Secretary to the Government of India in the Foreign Department. 15 June 1913.
    • Report on the course of events in Nepal 1912-13.
    • Original and translation of laudatory address to Col. Showers.
    • Letter from the Prime Minister of Nepal (H.E. Maharaja Sir Chandra Shumshere Jung Bahadur Rana) to Colonel Showers 10 May 1915 and –
    • 30 November 1915, a second letter bemoans the fact that Colonel Showers is not returning; both letters mention sending troops to fight in the war.
    • Photograph of the Residency, Nepal.
    • Christmas card from the Prime Minister of Nepal.
    • Letter of appointment as C.S.I. from Lord Hardinge of Penn the Viceroy, 11 December 1911.
    • Letter from Colonel Yate to Mrs. Showers on his progress in health.
    • Letter from Lord Hardinge to Colonel Showers regretting that he is not able to return to India.
    • TS memo of medical case written by Colonel Showers, hoping to be able to finish his work in Udaipur.