Archive / Papers / Showers Family Papers: Box 7


Rajputana, Nepal, Baluchistan: 1872-1913

File 1

  • Form of passport from Lt. Col. H.L. Showers and Mrs. Showers to travel to England from Nepal. (Single sheet). 8 September 1913.
  • Envelope marked ‘Tom’ containing hair from a pet pony’s tail.
  • Tiny pink envelope marked ‘General C.L. Showers, 15 September 1895, Geneva’ and containing a lock of hair.
  • MS by General C.L. Showers “Romance of Modern Indian history illustrated by a recent revisit to India”. This appears to be part of a short story. (7pp).
  • Grant of the dignity of C.I.E. on Major Herbert Lionel Showers, 26 June 1902.
  • Pamphlet entitled: A list of the principal vernacular names and words which occur in English correspondence compiled with a view to securing uniformity in the spelling of such words, by Major H.L. Showers, C.I.E. Political Agent, Kalat.
  • Kendall Dent’s Time Chart of the world.
  • Envelope containing wedding invitation and newspaper cuttings of wedding between Major Archibald Stirling and Marjory Stewart, 14 December, 1929.
  • Service sheet of service of dedication of window in memory of Anna Selina Stirling, 31 December, 1926.
  • TS copy of letter to Board of Trade from General C.S. Showers about a miscarriage of justice in Devonshire, 28 November, 1889, and reply dated 31 March 1890.
  • Newspaper cuttings: 2 from The Daily Telegraph, March 24 1885 The Fight near Tamai… mentioning Showers and McNeil’s zareba; and Russia and Afghanistan.


File 2

  • Timetable of Passenger lines to and from Calcutta, Madras, Colombo and London – 1913.
  • Passenger list of Austrian Lloyd Trieste S. Gablonz, 5 April 1914.
  • Writing paper from The Residency, Katmandu.
  • Gift card to L.H. Showers from the Maharaja of Nepal.
  • Christmas card from Lt. General Bahadur Rana, 1913.
  • Gift card to Mrs. Showers from the Maharani of Nepal.
  • Greeting card with tigers.
  • Christmas card from Lt. General Kaiser Shumsher Jung, Nepal, 1921.
  • 2 Christmas cards from the Maharaja of Nepal (Photograph of himself with Prince of Wales) 1922 and the Nepalese Army 1923.
  • Letter and envelope to Mrs. Showers from H.H. the Maharaja of Alwar, when the latter was in London.
  • Piece of music MS entitled Zakhmi Dil.
  • Embroidered folder containing:-
    • 2 Christmas cards from Colonel and Mrs. Showers (while in Jaipur).
    • Printed pamphlet entitled ‘3rd anniversary speech, 10th December 1906, Alwar’, being the speech by His Highness the Maharaja Sahib Bahadur on the occasion of the third anniversary of his succession being a review of the state of Alwar.
    • MS letter from the sub-postmaster Mastung to the Political Agent Kalat (Col. H.L. Showers), 8 May 1905, asking for a better house.

File 3

  • Pamphlet: Life of a soldier of olden time: an unwritten page of history – (From the Friend of India, 29 September and 6th October 18__). (sic) Lahore, 1873. 1pp.
  • The siege of Delhi in 1857: a short account compiled by Lt. General A.G. Handcock, C.B. 4th new ed. Allahabad 1907.
  • Small Christmas card from General Mohun Shum Shere Jung Bahadur Rana.
  • Letter from the Majarajah of Nepal to Mrs. C. Showers, 23 January 1918, Christmas card from the General Mohun Shum Shere Jung in Nepal.
  • Annals of the Indian Rebellion 1858-59: Part II June 1859. Calcutta 1859.
  • Copy of The TimesThursday, November 7, 1805 (Report on Trafalgar).
  • Head’s reprint of The Timesof Thursday, June 22, 1815 containing the account of the Battle of Waterloo.