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J.D.V. Hodge, I.C.S.

Lent by Mrs. E. Hodge

Bengal: 1917-1930

  1. Proof of official printed copy of Government of Bengal’s confidential report of the Sedition Committee, December 1917 April 1918 Rowlatt Committee J.D.V. Hodge, Secretary, with MS emendations by the Secretary on the proof, and copy of covering letter from S.A.T. Rowlatt.
  2. Xerox copies of 41 letters from J.D.V. Hodge, to his mother and father mostly undated. Comments and describes matters of general and particular interest relating to his work as Collector in Burdwan and Magistrate in Alipore. The comments are quite detailed and frank and range over a variety of subjects and reveal attitudes to his work and to Indian people. 176pp. A detailed list of the letters is available in the archive