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Major D.E. Gordon

Small Collections Box 12

‘The value of the British connection with India.’ MS. 8 pp.

‘The organization of the Police.’ MS. 7 pp.

Two chapters of an account of Bengal: Chapter I ‘Bengal geographical.’ MS. 5 pp.; Chapter II ‘Bengal political.’ MS. 2 pp.

Typescript of a talk giving the principal political events of the last threequarters of a century. TS. 31 pp.

Typescript of a speech given at an Indian Police dinner, dealing with the police service up to Independence. TS. 9 pp.

‘Criminal investigation in India and the changes brought about by modern scientific procedures.’ TS. 22 pp.

‘Memoirs of life as a police officer in India from 1907-59.’ TS. 140 pp. (pages 28 and 29 missing).