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Papers from India of the Roberts/Compton family: Joe Compton, his wife-to-be Dorothy Roberts and her sister, Ethel Roberts, with a history and annotations throughout the papers by the son of Dorothy Roberts (later Compton), Michael Compton.

Donated by Mr Michael Compton, OBE.

File 1:

  • ‘My family in India’ by Michael Compton. Family history, 24pp.
  • ‘Roberts in India’. Compilation of letters written home to college friends from her visit to her brother in India in 1923-4.
  • Transcribed diary of Dorothy Roberts for 1924. Transcribed with annotations and comments by her son, Michael Compton.

File 2:

  • Papers relating to the Indian Railway career of J.N. Compton (‘Joe’).

File 3:

  • Family letters of Ethel Roberts written while staying with her brother in Ajmer, Mhow and Panchmarti.

Three volumes of diaries:

  • Diary of Ethel Roberts’ first visit to India, 1912.
  • Ethel Roberts’ diary while in India, 1913.
  • Joseph Compton’s diary of a West coast cruise, 1936.

A guide to India Railways, TTK Healthcare, Bombay, 2007.

The Insitute of Locomotive Engineers, Journal, vol. 39, no.212, November 1949. Incudes an article by J.N. Compton on the introduction of broad-gauge locomootives in India.