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Given by Mrs. P. Wentworth-Reeve

Small Collections Box 25

U.P., Ceylon 1857-1961

  1. Xerox copy (8pp) of a letter or copy of an article in MS entitled, An account of the Defence and Tragedy at Cawnpore, by one of the survivors. An account of an escape from Cawnpore by a soldier among a group of civilians. Description of troop movements and military defence. Escape by boat, ambush, and final rescue by friendly Rajah. List of the killed and wounded, both military and women, as far as could be remembered, and indicating the place where they were killed, and how they died. No date.
  2. TS copy (8pp) of a letter written from Pusselawa, Ceylon, 18 September, 1866, from a coffee planter, L.W. Daniell, to his mother in England, describing the tragic death of his three children, after eating a poisonous plant, or from cholera. (L.W. Daniell married Admiral Fisher’s sister; Admiral Fisher was an ancestor of the present Lord Fisher of Kilverstone Hall, Bury St. Edmunds, who is related to Mrs. Wentworth-Reeve, who has the original letter).
  3. Xerox copy of single sheet of the letter.
  4. Xerox copy of a letter from Mr. J.R. Jayewardene, a journalist, to Mrs. Wentworth-Reeve, 15 March 1962, enclosing a cutting from The Times of Ceylon for October 8, 1961 in which he described the event at Pussellawa and the subsequent correspondence he had about it. 3pp.
  5. Xerox copy of a letter from a Mr. Rajiah to Mr. Jayewardene enclosing photographs of the children’s graves in Pussellawa, and copies of the inscriptions. 3pp.