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Given by J. Stubbs, O.B.E., I.C.S.

U.P. 1871-1943


  • File containing 6 MS memoranda on the Indian situation, written by Mr J. Stubbs between 22-10-1939 and 7-9-1943, during his period as Collector at Mathura, U.P.
    1. An appreciation of the present position, 22 October 1939. Notes on the state of India from the Munich crisis to the outbreak of war and immediately after. Assessment of the position and speculation of the alternatives open to the Government, Congress and Muslims; Gandhi’s influence. 8pp.
    2. A similar appraisal written on 23 November 1939 after the Congress minorities had resigned. 6pp.
    3. A note written while on leave in Naini Tal, 11 August 1940 after the Viceroy’s offer for Dominion Status etc. 4pp.
    4. Appreciation of the situation written from the Collector’s House, Bulandshahr, on 12 July 1942 after re-reading notes 1, 2 and 3. A full appraisal. 8pp.
    5. Paper entitled, The Wardha Resolution: is it a parody of Cripps’ offer 19 July 1942. 2pp
    6. Final memorandum written from Naini Tal, 7 September 1943. The whole situation seen from a different viewpoint from the east of the Province (U.P.). 5pp.
  • Folder containing 7 TS articles written by Mr. Lawrence M. Stubbs (Mr. J. Stubbs’ father).
    1. The Indian Villager and other things: An incident recorded in the handing over notes of a small district in the U.P., which included a volume of reports covering 1857-58. District Etawah (near Agra), opposite Bundelkhand which figures the District Officer, who was A.E. Hume and a band of mutineers.
    2. Gossip about Tigers: Anecdotes about shikar, its political and social implications and ramifications and stories of various shooting experiences.
    3. Locusts: Account of combating locusts in the district of Muttra, U.P. 1929/30. Methods of dealing with swarms, eggs and hoppers and involving the population in their extermination.
    4. Congress: Reasons for success of Congress party at elections (1937); source of funds; consequences of centralised taxation of wealthy Indian classes; result of decline in power of District Officers. Survey of Opposition party and policy and support. Note on Zemindar system in U.P. and the decline of Zemindar and the Government. 8pp
    5. Extracts from The Draconian, (School Magazine of the Dragon School, Oxford) No.58 for December 1907 and (No.59) for April 1908, of Recollections, by L.M. Stubbs of his early days at the Dragon School. pp. 869-870 and 908-910 (also a brief memorial of Bobbie Johnson, April 1938).
    6. TS copy of an article on The White Paper, (1935). Attempt to resolve the discrepancy in opinions towards the necessity for and effect of the White Paper, by hypothetical example of two different types of administrators – Pitfalls in elections; octroi tax. The categories of people in favour of change. 8pp.
    7. A printed extract from The National Review, pp. 615-623 on Some Riots in Upper India, by T.X. (pseud. for L.M. Stubbs). Discourse on reasons for riots and instances of riots in Cawnpore in 1900, 1913, 1927 and 1931, their causes, protagonists and part played by Congress and the District Magistrates. Riot in Bareilly in 1922; causes, control and consequences of riots – Hindus and Muslims and rioting.
  • A Monograph on Ivory Carving in the North-Western Provinces and Oudh, by L.M. Stubbs. Printed by Government Press, 1900. 14pp.