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Given by Mrs. T. and Miss T.M. Thatcher

History of the 4/10 Baluchistan Regiment in the First World War. File containing extracts from letters, memoranda etc.

  1. Part of a letter 14 February 1934 to (Colonel) Crick about the past events in the Baluch Regt.
  2. TS Recollections of former days in the 4/10 Baluchis (D.C.O.) (about the 1870s-1890s) signed G.R.V.  4pp.
  3. TS Interview with Hony. Subadar Lashkari Khan, late of the 129th (D.C.O.) Baluchis, 11 April 1936. Kashkari Khan born 1858 served with the Regt. 1875-1902, and again in the First War.  6pp.
  4. Short bibliography of history of Native Army.  (18 items).
  5. a & b. Misc. notes and map.
  6. MS Reminiscences of the Regt. by W.N.Hay, 12 July 1936, who joined the Regt. in 1893 when O’Moore Creagh was Commanding.
  7. TS Report on the operations in the Kibata area from 6 Dec.-20 Dec.1916 inclusive, by Brigadier General J.A.Hannyngton, Commanding 3rd East African Brigade.  9pp.
  8. TS Diary of events – Action at Kibata. From a diary lent to W.S.Thatcher by Lt. Col. H.Hulsberg D.S.O.  9pp.
  9. TS Extract from a letter describing the march of a detachment from Kitambi (?) to Nigarambi Chini (?) about 11 April 1917 by Major A.C.Gover.  10pp. map.
  10. TS Extracts from letters from Lt. Col. H.V.Lewis of the 3/18th R. Garhwar Rifles, Kohat, N.W.F.P. 1914 -1916.  27pp.
  11. MS Account of the end of the 1918 War and the return of the Regt. to Karachi, and the subsequent events.  7pp.
  12. MS Account of the Regt’s. military operations in Chaman-Spin Baldak, May 1919.  17pp.
  13. TS Letter from Major A.C. Gover to W.S.Thatcher, no date, commenting on parts of the MSS of the book.  3pp.
  14. TS Extracts from a private letter from MacIvor dated Kilwa, 28 January 1917, about the Regt. having been in the heaviest scrapping so far and mentioning the part played by W.S. Thatcher.  1pp.
  15. MS List of Indian Officers who served with the Regt. during the War.  3pp.
  16. MS List of casualties in Flanders: drafts etc.  2pp.
  17. MS List of drafts received and casualties incurred in East Africa.  3pp.
  18. MS Account of the action at Nanyati Kilwa District, German East Africa, 5 August 1917 by Lt. Col. G.V.Dreyer, R.A. Commanding 16th Field Brigade. Written Srinagar 16 June 1930.  6pp.
  19. MS Letter from Col. R.C.Woodward saying he encloses typed copies of his letters about the East African Campaign in 1917, and in this letter he amplifies them to some extent.  7pp.  n.d.
  20. Unsigned, undated MS “Supplement to Diary” of the E. African Campaign, Sept./Nov. (1917?)  8pp.
  21. MS Letter, 15 May 1931, and long typed letter from C.M.D. Palin describing his version of the “Nanyati Affair”. August 1917.  7pp.
  22. Single sheet MS signed F.G. “Notes for Regtl. Records of the 129th D.C.O. Baluchis” and relating to the first days of World War I.
  23. TS Operations of No.2 Column, Hanforce, during September 1917.  6pp.
  24. TS Papers from the diary of Lt. Col. Phillips, 22 Dec.1916 – 19 Jan.1917. Kibata – Mwengi – The Ridge – account of W.S.Thatcher being wounded in action.  8pp.
  25. TS Extracts from East African letters: by Major A.C. Gower.  3pp.
  26. Mtumbei Juu. TS Report on Operations 13 – 16 Dec. inclusive, 23 Dec.1916 by Lt. General R.C. Rose, Commanding Gold Coast Regt.  5pp.
  27. 12 maps of German East Africa. See “Maps”.