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Given by Eleanor M. Fairclough (daughter).

14 Pamphlets:

  1. Anon [Probably Government of India]. Fifty facts about India. 15p. c.1945.
  2. Collis, Maurice. The Burmese scene; political, historical, pictorial. Including the amazing adventures of Wingate’s circus. John Crowther, 60p., c.1943.
  3. Hughes, T.L. What happened in Burma. Brittain Publ. Co., 24p., c.1943.
  4. Thein Pe, M. What happened in Burma; the frank revelations of a young Burmese revolutionary leader who has recently escaped from Burma to India. Kitabistan, 59p., 1943.
  5. Richards, C. J. Rainbow Land and other Burmese verses. Herbert Curnow Ltd., 36p., 1948. [33 poems]
  6. “Snilloc”. The Opportunists and other Burma tales. (The Rampart Library, No.4),Thacker & Co. Ltd., 102p., 1943. [14 short stories].
  7. Burma Pamphlet No.1. Pearn, B.R. Burma background. 44p., 1943.
  8. Burma Pamphlet No.3. Appleton, G. Buddhism in Burma. 49p., 1943.
  9. Burma Pamphlet No.3. Appleton, G. Buddhismin Burma. Reprint. 49p., 1944.
  10. Burma Pamphlet No.6. Stevenson, H.N.C. The Hill Peoples of Burma. 50p., 1944.
  11. Burma Pamphlet No.7. Richards, C.J. The Burman: an appreciation. 55p., 1945.
  12. Burma Pamphlet No.8. Marshall, Harry I. The Karens of Burma. 40p., 1945.
  13. Burma Pamphlet No.10. Anon. The Burma Petroleum Industry. 65p., 1946.
  14. Burma Pamphlet No.11. Anon. The Birds of Burma. 65p., 1947.