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Lent by Sir David Ogilvy

Microfilm No. 38

  1. Financial affairs of William Ogilvy. Letter about furlough 1834. Ruling about cancelled leave 1826 signed C. Lushington, Chief Secretary to the Government in Council.
  2. Official letters of appointment about leave, salary etc.
  3. Bills, receipts, promissory notes, accounts sent by the Government Agent’s office, Fort William, Calcutta, Serampore, Futtapore, Allahabad.
  4. Letter of 4 February 1835 to David Hore Esq., Officiating Joint Magistrate of Belah, requesting a revision of the sentences passed on two prisoners, and confessing to improperly admitting a witness without examining his deposition properly. Long scrawled draft report on the above matter with no date.
  5. 148 bills received and paid by Ogilvy 1830-35, covering all aspects of life in India.

Album of photographs taken in 1894-95 and 1897: Deoti, Dharmsala, Darnal, Mysore, Annandale, Barrackpore, Agra; photo-etchings from Calcutta; the wreck of the Warren Hastings, 1897; Gohna lake and dam.

See also: memorandum written by Mr. M.M. Stuart on William Ogilvy in Ogilvy correspondence file.