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Given by Mr. D.W. Stanton-Ife, I.C.S.

Bihar and Orissa 1938-1947, E. Pakistan 1947-1957

  1. Autobiographical note. MS 11pp and curriculum vitae. Comments on the British Government politics and economics during his period in Bihar and Orissa. 1938-1947. After 1947 he stayed on in the Civil Service of Pakistan until 1957.
  2. 22 Judgements of D.W.S. Ife made when Sub-Divisional Magistrate at Aurangabad (Gaya District) in 1941/42.
  3. Intelligence Summaries for period of 24 hours, 27 August – 8 September 1942, relating to Congress activities in the Shahabad District, Bihar and Orissa.
  4. 24 Judgements of D.W.S. Ife, Sub-Divisional Magistrate Dinapore. (Patna District, Bihar) and Appellate Judgements of Superior Courts pertaining to these. 1942-1944.
  5. 13 Judgements of D.W.S. Ife between February and October 1944 in the Palamu District, Bihar.
  6. Letter from D.W.S. Ife to the Commissioner Chota Nagpur Division, Ranchi, about a petition for the renewal of Certificate of Approval (for mining).
  7. 42nd fortnightly (and last) confidential report to the Commissioner Chota Nagpur Division of Bihar, Mr. R.F. Swanzy by D.W.S. Ife. n.d.
  8. Copy of a report on a frivolous cricket match in Aurangabad on 1 February 1942 between the Ladies and the Gentlemen.