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Given by Patrick Biggie, OBE and Mrs Biggie.

Mr Biggie was a member of the Indian Police serving in the U.P. 1941-44.

  1. Typed copies of letters from Patrick Biggie to his fiancée Margaret Barnes, and from her to him. Mainly personal describing their lives: he as an Assistant Superintendent of Police at Gorakhpur, Deoria, Cawnpore and later as Superintendent of Police at Bijnor and Sitapur; she as a teacher in London and Windsor. Some descriptions of Congress instigated unrest, August 1942 and riots in Kanpur. Later letters largely taken up with their attempts to get Miss Barnes a passage to India to join him.
    4 files:

    • 1941, 99ff
    • 1942, 149ff
    • 1943, 205ff
    • 1944, 117ff
  2. Four short stores by Patrick Biggie:
    • The Dak Bungalow. 5 ff.
    • Mediterranean cruise. 11 ff.
    • The Judge’s tale. 10 ff.
    • The Club. 11 ff. 1 envelope
  3. Typescript of an unpublished novel by Mr Biggie: ‘The Plains and the Hills’. The story takes place in the fictional district of Hafizpur and deals with the lives and romantic entanglements of the Collector, Sebastian Wood, the Superintendent of Police, Kenneth Stuart, and their wives. The novel is set against a background of Congress agitation in the 1930s. 175pp.