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Given by Professor Eric T. Stokes.

Gwalior: 1855-1857

  1. Article by Eric Stokes in the St. Catharine’s College Society Magazine for September 1976, on the connection between St. Catharine’s College and India, in particular relating to the life and work of George William Coopland, a Chaplain in the East India Company’s Service, 1855, in Gwalior, who went out with his wife in 1856, arriving in January 1857. He was killed in the Mutiny. Mrs. Coopland escaped, and after extreme difficulties and dangers arrived in Bombay and finally returned safely to England.
  2. Review article of Constitutional Relations between Britain and India. The Transfer of Power 1942-7. Vol. I, The Cripps’ Mission, January-April 1942. Editor-in-Chief, Nicholas Mansergh. Assistant Editor, E.W.R. Lumby. H.M.S.O., 1970, in The Historical Journal, Vol. XIV No.2 (1971) pp. 427-434, by Eric Stokes.
  3. Letter from E.W.R. Lumby to Professor Stokes on receipt of copy of review, commenting on the review.