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Collection of letters to and about Sir Harold (Jack) Stevens, I.C.S., Bengal 1920-1947, eventually serving as Chief Secretary. Letters mostly refer to the awarding of the C.S.I. in 1944. 7pp.

Small Collections Box 22

  1. 10.6.1944. Letter from M. Azizul Haque offering congratulations on the award of a knighthood.
  2. 27.11.1982. Letter from M.M. Stuart to Ian Stein (donor of these papers and grandson of H.S.E. Stevens) giving recollections of his grandparents.
  3. 7.6.1944. Letter of congratulation from Richard Casey, Governor of Bengal.
  4. 7.6.1944. Letter of congratulation from Lord Wavell, the Viceroy.
  5. 8.6.1944. Letter of congratulation from E.C. Benthall.
  6. 11.6.1944. Letter of congratulation from G.W. Tyson.
  7. 10.6.1944. Letter of congratulation from T.G. Rutherford.
  8. 31.3.1945. Letter of thanks for efforts during the bengal Famile of 1943-44, from Khawaja Sir Nazimuddin.
  9. 29.4.1946. Letter of thanks for service upon leaving office from Sir Frederick Burrows, Governor of Bengal.
  10. Facsimile of group photograph showing H.S.E. Stevens at Saroj Nalini Women’s Society, n.d.