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Collection of various articles (photocopied and heavily annotated by the donor) collected by Jeremy Simpson during his own researches into the Todas while at school in the Nilgiri Hills.

Folder 1:

  1. Article by R.L. Rooksby – “W.H.R. Rivers and the Todas”. 12pp.
  2. Article by J.T. Cornelius – “A New Probe into the Origins of the Todas”. 11(+1)pp.
  3. Article by the Rev. W. Taylor – “Translation of the Kongu-desa-rajakal”; from the Madras Journal of Literature and Science, no. 32, Jan-June, 1847. 5pp.
  4. Pages from “The Original Inhabitants of Bharatavarsa or India”. 18pp.
  5. Article by M. Fathulla Khan – “The Todas; The Original Hill Tribe of the Blue Mountains”. 6pp.
  6. Article by Capt. H. Congreve – “The Antiquities of the Neilgherry Hills, including an Inquiry into the Descent of the Thautawars or Todars”; from the Madras Journal of Literature and Science, no. 32, 1847. 23(+1)pp.
  7. Chapter from “The Origin and History of the Todas”. 28pp.
  8. Article by G.N. Das – “The Todas of Nilgiris”. 2pp.
  9. Article by M.B. Emeneau – “Language and Social Forms; a Study of Toda Kinship Terms and Dual Descent”. 23pp.
  10. Article by J.N. Kamalapur – “Todas of the Nilgiri Hills: Their Origin”. 14pp.
  11. Extract from and MS notes on “The Primitive Tribes of the Nilagiris”, by Breeks. 7pp.
  12. Article on the Todas, from “Hastings Dictionary of Religion”. 4pp.
  13. Article by H.R.H. Prince Peter of Greece and Denmark – “The Todas: Some Additions and Corrections to W.H.R. Rivers’ Book, as Observed in the Field”. 5pp.

Folder 2:

  1. Article, source unknown [Shortt ?] – “Tribes inhabiting the Neilgherries”. 34pp.
  2. Article by the Rev.B. Schmid – “Remarks on the Origin and Languages of the Aborigines of the Nilgiris, suggested by the papers of Capt. Congreve and the Rev. W. Taylor….”, from the Madras Journal of Literature and Science, Jan. 1849. 4pp.
  3. Article by Metz – “The Todas”. 36pp.
  4. Paper by Shams-ul-Ulma Jivanji Jamshedji Modi – “A Few Notes on the Todas of the Nilgiris” from the Anthropological Society of Bombay, Vol VII, No. I. 18pp.
  5. Article by M.B. Emeneau – “The Christian Todas”. 14pp.

Folder 3:

  1. Introduction to (11pp.) and article by (38pp.) H.R.H. Prince Peter of Greece – “Possible Sumerian Survivals in Toda Ritual”, from Bulletin, Madras Government Museum, G.S. VI, 1951.
  2. Presidential Address to the Anthropology and Archeology Section of the 32nd Indian Science Congress, Nagpur, 1945, by A. Aiyappan – “The Megalithic Culture of Southern India”. (Aiyappan details findings in Chotanagpur of burial mounds containing representations of the buffaloe, similar to those found in Toda burial mounds). 15pp.
  3. A Toda family tree from Rivers’ book, annotated and added to by the donor. 1pp.
  4. Chapter from Sir Richard Burton’s book, Goa and the Blue Mountains, (publ. circa 1850-1870) – “The Inhabitants of the Neilghherries”. 22pp.
  5. MS extract, from a book by Molly Panta Downs, in which a visit to the Toda country in the 17th century by the Portuguese priest Ferrriera is described. 1pp.
  6. Article from the “Madras Christian Instructor” – “Account of the Neilgherry Hill Tribes”, by the Rev. C. F. Muzzy. 9pp.
  7. Brief item by M.B. Emeneau – “The Todas and Sumeria – A Hypothesis Rejected” (item 1, this folder). 2pp.
  8. Extract from Epigraphia Carnatica, in the Canarese script – Chamarajnagar Taluq. 3pp.
  9. 46 genealogical tables of the Todas taken from Rivers’ book, “The Todas”, publ. circa 1907, but made more up-to-date by the donor. 25pp.
  10. Large scale map of Todanad with envelope containing lists of Toda villages and settlements.