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Lady Olive Crofton

Microfilm No. 8 and Small Collections Box 7

  1. ‘They also serve.’ Typescript. 197pp. Description of Indian Civil Service life while living at various stations with her husband; Hindi lessons; life at various stations, Buldana, Melghat: 1925-27. Simla, and Nagpur 1927-28 and tours made of districts. Jubbulpur 1929-31. Disturbances caused by Gandhi’s people. Central India and Rajputana 1931-32. Opium growing, over production, and customs relating to the drug. Work of and identifying of graves. Sangor 1933-34. Hyderabad 1934-42. Infant welfare work for the Girl Guides, R.S.P.C.A.; prehistoric stone circles; the leper asylum in Nazimabad district; visit to Ootacamund; black magic; leave in England; declaration of war while returning to India. Trip back to India; wartime in Hyderabad. Bahawalpur and S.E.A.C. 1942-47. Floods in the state, WVS work in Bimapour; description of conditions for the soldiers and staff in the canteens on the Burma front; details of organizing the WVS service canteens; return to Bahawalpur and end of war in Europe. Administration after war; irrigation; care of the sick etc.; Wavell as Viceroy; last days in India.
  2. Speech by R.M. Crofton, Deputy Commissioner Buldana, (Berar) at the Annual District Durbar. 1 June 1923. Deals with possibility of Swaraj and consequences to Berar of opposition to Government; welfare services in Berar; refers to Revision Settlement in two taluqs; Saga Shodhak Samaj; agriculture; water supply; village panchayats etc.
  3. Separate TS postscripts, dated 12 April 1924, setting out the consequences to Welfare Schemes of refusal of Legislative Council to work.
  4. ‘Notes on the Opium Department.’ n.d. (History of trade, and I.C.S. Department.)
  5. General talk on Hyderabad and Punjab States (relating to years 1921-48) by R.M. Crofton. n.d. but post June 1948. With a postscript on Bahawalpur, 1942-48, of which state Sir Richard Crofton was Prime Minister.