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Professor L.F. Rushbrook Williams

Given by Mrs. E. Potts

India general

  1. 17 Newspaper cuttings from mainly English newspapers, reporting Rushbrook Williams’ addresses mainly on the Indian Princely States 1918-1963.
  2. 16 mostly unnamed, undated newspaper cuttings, on the Princely States some dated 1929.
  3. Notebook containing newspaper cuttings, mainly undated, some 1922-25.
  4. Letters from Professor L.F. Rushbrook Williams to his wife. Personal, mentions persons met and events, no comments. Mostly undated, but four of 1940.
  5. Letters written to Rushbrook Williams.
  6. Booklets
    • Tour programme of Dr. and Mrs. Rushbrook Williams in India. 25 January – 3 March 1956.
    • Booklet giving itinerary of President’s tour (Karachi to Peshawar) on Presidential train – Pak Jamhuriat Special, 14-21. December 1959.
    • Official letters from Brig. F.R. Khan, Government of Pakistan, together with medallions from Pakistan mint at Lahore to commemorate the Presidential train tour.
    • Pakistan Society Bulletin. Winter 1966-67. Refers to President Ayub Khan’s Commonwealth visit to London, November 1966.
    • Basic Democracies published by Bureau of National Reconstruction, Government of Pakistan.
  7. Transcript of interview on Pakistan given by Rushbrook Williams in B.B.C. programme ‘In Town Tonight’. 2 January 1960.
  8. Corporation of London’s invitation to lunch in honour of President of Pakistan, Mohammad Ayub Khan, 25 November 1966.
  9. Menu for Reception and lunch in honour of President of Pakistan.
  10. Liquor permit for foreign tourists, issued 1964.
  11. Five pages of notes in diary form in Mrs. Rushbrook Williams’ handwriting, describing visits to Viceroy’s Camp at Mysore; Delhi, Simla, describes house in Patiala; Durbar. Miscellaneous dates given 1923-4, 1935.
  12. Six pages of notes describing Sapru marriage,. 7 March 1935.
  13. Book: Inside Both Indias, 1914-1938: Working in British India and the Princely States with men and women who were laying the foundations of the India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh of today, by L.F. Rushbrook Williams. (n.d. ?1972) Privately printed, 187pp.