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Given by Mrs. K. Cameron

Microfilm No. 64

Bombay, Burma, Malay 1842.

  1. TS copy of A Voyage to the Far East in 1842: the journal and letters of Robert Binning:
  • Greenock to Liverpool on board the Admiral. Train from Liverpool at 7 p.m. arriving London 5.30 a.m. Stays at the Euston Hotel – very good. Describes seeing the sights of London. Leaves for Southampton and embarks on the Great Liverpool and sails on 2 April 1842.
  • Describes voyage and passengers – Indian Army and East India Company men. Food and wine extremely plentiful.
  • Gibraltar; Malta, Alexandria, Suez, Aden, described in considerable detail.
  • Arrives Bombay 12 May 1842. Describes people in bazaar. Remarks on toddy, and the amount of iced wine available. Stays five days and then by ship the Henry Duncan to Calcutta.
  • Remarks on sailors and drink – Notes a good deal about the native Indians in Bombay. Other comments on European life.
  • Calcutta: arrives 30 May. Describes the approach and the city. Comments on society. Describes a typical day.
  • Decides to go to Moulmein.
  • No further letters until Penang 30 September 1842. Difference between natives of Burma and Malay, and Indians. Comments on the enterprise and enlightenment of the Chinese.