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R.W.D’E. Ashe, ICS

Lent by Lt. Colonel A. Ashe

Madras: India general: 1911

24 newspaper cuttings from various newspapers all over India describing and commenting on the murder of Mr. R.W.D’E. Ashe, I.C.S., Acting Collector and District Magistrate of Tinnevelly, on 17 June 1911, at the Maniyachi Railway Station.

238 letters, telegrams and resolutions sent to Mrs. Ashe after her husband’s murder expressing horror and sorrow, and sending her condolences – from individuals and from bodies both British and Indian.

Prize poem ‘On the Tercentenary of Trinity College, Dublin’, by Robert Ashe, 1892.

Poems (TS) by Robert Ashe, n.d.