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Captain G.F. Hall, M.C., C.I.E.

  1. Autobiography entitled ‘All in the day’s work’, description of service in Public Works Department mainly Bihar and Orissa 1911-47. Three folders of TS. 553 pp.
  2. Part I. Assistant. Early days; public school days; preparing for a career; first year in India; indigo planters; on the Patna Canal; Bikran and Bankipur; beginning a new Province; irrigation; World War I service.
  3. Part II. Executive. The post-war political situation in India; religious rioting; Gandhi; General. Dyer; Ramnagar subdivision; first division Champaran; tour of the Punjab irrigation works; Tribini Canal; managing agents; Muzaffarpur Division; Government H.Q., Patna; camp gaol Ranch’ Division; officiating Superintendent Engineer of North Bihar Circle; Purnea.
  4. Part III. Administrative. Chota Nagpur Circle; North Bihar Circle; the Tiljuga case; Bihar earthquake; aftermath – geological, political, financial consequences; Chief Engineer (Tirhut) and Chief Inspector of Local Works; Transport Advisory Council 1936; officiating Chief Engineer and Chief Inspector of Local Works; Chief Engineer of irrigation and Deputy Secretary to Government; floods; relations with Indian officials and Congress 1936-7; Central Board of Irrigation 1937; projects in Punjab; Chief Engineer and Secretary P.W.D. Bihar early war period; Son Canals headworks; Embankment Act; Bihar electrification scheme; further dealings with Congress; Retrenchment Committee; relations with army; hospital trains; the press in India; India in war; 1942 rebellion in Bihar; refugees from Burma.
  5. Appendix I, list of files on table where entered 7 September 1933. Appendix II, programme of the Durbar held by the Governor, Government House, Patna, 25 November 1936.
  6. A very detailed description of a P.W.D. officer’s life, daily work in the field, in normal times and emergencies; relationships, difficulties, technical and human problems, in peace and war.