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Given by Commander L. Peppé

Small Collections Box 18

  1. ‘The Piprawah Stupa on the Birdpore Estate containing the relics of Buddha’, by J.H.H. Peppé. Privately printed pamphlet published by J.H.H. Peppé, Birdpore Estate, Basti, U.P., and printed at Utpal Press, Calcutta, 9, n.d. 12 pp.
  2. Newspaper cutting from the Pioneer of 18 August 1956 on ‘The annihilation of Lord Buddha’s family’, by Paripurnanand Verma; this also refers to the Piprawah Stupa and its contents.
  3. Xerox copy of extract from the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1898 – ‘The Piprawah Stupa, containing relics of Buddha’, by William Claxton Peppy Esq. Communicated, with a note, by Vincent A. Smith, I.C.S., M.R.A.S. with two plates. 15 pp.
  4. Typescript copy of the account of the activities of Lt. Col. W.T.H. Peppé’s grandfather during the 1857 uprising. The account was written by his daughter who later became Mrs. de Hochepied Larpent; and also includes the origin of the Birdpur Estate in the Basti District of the U.P. (The original is in the possession of Lt. Col. Peppé.)