Chapman, J.A. Papers

Papers of John Alexander Chapman (Librarian of the Imperial Library Calcutta 1911-1930). (Recatalogued on accession of new material given by Mrs. M. Craig, the daughter of J. A. Chapman).

Given by G.D.M. Bullard, and Mrs. M. Craig.

Microfilm No. 29 – TS. ‘A poet in India’ in the nature of a commonplace book, compiled while Librarian at Imperial Library in Calcutta. Consists of quotations of and meditations and thoughts on Indian and English poetry and prose, and Christianity and Hinduism.

Box 1 – Three TS bound volumes of a journal/log book/miscellany; letters to Dora Ross, 1911-39; ‘Nobody’ letters to F.G.E. and M.G.N. (Chapman’s sisters).

Box 2 – Ten volumes of quotations, comments etc.; copy of literary journal.

Box 3 – ‘The epic of Islam’; TS articles and poems.

Box 4 – ‘War’, poems by J.A. Chapman; notebooks and books.

Box 5 – Autobiography of Denison Ross and commentary; supplement to the catalogue of the Persian MSS in the Public Library at Bankipore.

Box 6 – Notebooks of quotations; writings by Chapman and commentary on other authors and works.

Box 7 – Notes and commentary on literary works; obituary notices; reviews and letters.