Archive / Papers / Chapman, J.A.: Box 6


  1. MS notebook of quotations entitled This English Language, by J. A. Chapman.
  2. Two MS notebooks entitled ‘D’s diary U.S.A.’ (Diary of visit to U.S.A. by Dora Ross). n.d.
  3. TS parody on the Athanasian Creed entitled ‘The Triarchic Faith’, about the Government of India. 3pp.
  4. In his own country: an Anglo-Indian play in one act, by E. A. Horne, n.d.
  5. The political system of British India with special reference to the recent constitutional changes by E. A. Horne (Indian Educational Service), Oxford 1922.
  6. TS Article on Sayyid Abu Muhammad. 18pp, n.d.
  7. TS Persian and Indian poems by J. A. Chapman, 1934 and 1937.
  8. Christus Natus Est, published by author J. A. Chapman at the Imperial Library, Metcalfe Hall, Calcutta, 1923.
  9. a & b. Religious Lyrics of Bengal by John Alexander Chapman. The Book Co., College Square, Calcutta, 1926 (2 copies).
  10. Address by Dr. W. A. Jenkins, Vice-Chancellor, at the Annual Degree Convocation of the University of Dacca, 4 December 1955. 15pp.
  11. Address by Dr. W. A. Jenkins, Vice-Chancellor, University of Dacca … at the 8th Pakistan Science Congress, 16 January 1956. 10pp.
  12. Poems, by Henry Martin, Peshawar, 1929.
  13. Poems, by Henry Martin, Peshawar, 1930.