Archive / Papers / Chapman, J.A.: Box 7


  1. File marked: ‘Eastern Poetry’, containing 43 articles, reviews, letters, etc. ranging from ‘The cultural root of the revolutionary and terrorist movement in India’, to ‘Hafiz, and Malherbe’, ‘The Poetic East’, ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ and ‘The Literary Approach to India’ and ‘Modern Indian Poetry’. 343pp.
  2. File marked: ‘Letters from Nabboo’ (being the Mohommad Amir Haider Khan, Maharajkumar, brother of the Raja of Mahmudabad) from Lucknow and London. Also contains J. A. Chapman’s further notes on Eastern poetry and Islam, and ‘Naboo’s’ comments. 568pp.
  3. File marked: ‘Gleanings Dora’ but containing copies of obituary notices, some written by J. A. Chapman for Professor V. Barthold; Henry Beveridge; Professor E. G. Browne; M. Henri Cordier; Lord Curzon; Dr. T. W. Rhys Davids; Robert Scott Greenshields; de Stael Holstein; D. S. Margoliouth; F.W.K. Muller; Professor Meillet; Dr. F. Rosen; M. Emile Senart: Guy Le Strange.