Archive / Papers / Chapman, J.A.: Box 3


1. The Epic of Islam:

  • Book One: Arabia and Mecca. Privately printed 1950. (A second copy)
  • Book Two: Judaism and Islam. Privately printed 1950. (Preface and poem).
  • Book Three: Muhammed in Mecca, TS 1953
  • Book Four: Muhammed in Medina (bound together with Book Three)
  • Book Five: Hazrat ‘Ali. TS 25pp.
  • Book Six: Karbala. Privately printed 1950.
  • The Last Book: TS Bound, 107pp, 1950.Poems, by J.A.C. Calcutta, 1905. Denison Ross’s copy.

2. TS Poems, 34pp.

3. 4 TS articles and poems, and 1 MS trans.