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R. Barkeley Smith

Microfilm No. 1

Memoirs of Rupert Barkeley Smith, 1908-22, entitled ‘Indians Told Me’:

  1. Effect of change in economy in India, from barter to money and all this entails
  2. Defence of caste, change in caste status
  3. Jats
  4. The power of Hind Brahmans, Mohammedans and their religion in contrast
  5. Agra and the Mogul Emperors
  6. Conversation with an old Brahman
  7. Buddhism
  8. Conversations with young Hindus
  9. A Dacoit’s ‘memories’
  10. Note on police and criminals in India the reality of the past in the present
  11. Experiences with Indians during the war (1st) and their changes and philosophy
  12. An officer’s view on the difference between France and India
  13. The Maharaja Scidia of Gwalior
  14. The Indian character and characteristics
  15. Personal life in India, the pleasant things particularly camping and shooting.