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M. Crawford

Ceylon. Administration reports:

Part IV. Miscellaneous. Veterinary. Reports for 1900-3 by G.W. Sturgess, M.R.C.V.S., Government Veterinary Surgeon.

Part IV. Education, Science and Art. Veterinary. Reports for 1904-6, 1908-23, 1925-30, by G.W. Sturgess.

Reports for 1931-33 by M. Crawford, Government Veterinary Surgeon.

Reports for 1940-42 by E. Rodrigo, Acting Director of Agriculture.

Report for 1952 by Dr. A.W.R. Joachim, Director of Agriculture.

Xerox copy of ‘Ceylon contingent and mounted infantry register of horses’ (compiled in 1900 by Mrs. Crawford’s father, G.W. Sturgess). 6 p. MS.

The Ceylon Observer¬†Tuesday evening 26 February 1918. ‘Agriculture in Ceylon’, by G.W. Sturgess.

The Times of Ceylon¬†Tuesday evening 27 January 1931. Report on M. Crawford’s lecture on poultry disease.