Tegart Papers

Sir C.A. Tegart. Joined Indian Police 1901; Superintendent, Bengal 1908; Deputy Commissioner 1913; Deputy-Inspector 1918; Commissioner of Police, Calcutta 1923-31. See also memoir: ‘Charles Tegart: Memoir of an Indian Policeman’ by Lady K.F. Tegart, Archive Books: K1. 316pp.

Box 1 – Press cuttings and documents relating to assassinations, attempted assassinations and other actions in the Chittagong uprising in the 1920s and 1930s.

Box 2 – Press cuttings, documents, notes and speeches relating to the Chittagong uprising.

Box 3 – Official, secret report on ‘outrages’, first 6 volumes, 1906-15.

Box 4 – report continued from Box 3; government reports and memoranda re. policing and unrest; news cuttings.