Archive / Papers / Tegart Papers: Box 4


Sir C.A. Tegart. Joined Indian Police 1901; Superintendent, Bengal 1908; Deputy Commissioner 1913; Deputy-Inspector 1918; Commissioner of Police, Calcutta 1923-31.

Given by Lady Tegart.

File 11 (continued):

  • Vol. VII (1916), Vol. VIII (Index, 1906-1916), and Vol. IX (1917).

File 12:

  • Memorandum by the Advisory Committee, Bengal, 1918. Sir N.G. Chandavarkar and Justice C.P. Beachcroft. The cases of Detenus under the Defence of India Act and Regulation III of 1918. Calcutta 1918. Note on cover presumably by Sir Charles Tegart – ‘Not published’.

File 13:

  • Report to Government of India from Local Government, on Congress Activities, subsequent to the Irwin-Gandhi agreement; sent by C.A. Turnnidge to Sir Charles Tegart. 51 pp.

Files 14-16:

  • Annual reports of the police administration of the town of Calcutta and its suburbs by C.A. Tegart, for the years 1923, 1928, 1929.
  • Plus, File 17: Sheet of printed information on the general situation (on terrorist activities) by C.E.S. Fairweather. Calcutta, 15 October 1936. Part of a longer report – pp. 543-546.
  • Plus, File 18: Programme of an afternoon party to meet Sir Charles Tegart, 21 February 1926.
  • Newspaper cutting from The Basumati, 14 June 1927, entitled ‘Riot scare in Calcutta.’