Archive / Papers / Tegart Papers: Box 2


Sir C.A. Tegart. Joined Indian Police 1901; Superintendent, Bengal 1908; Deputy Commissioner 1913; Deputy-Inspector 1918; Commissioner of Police, Calcutta 1923-31.

Given by Lady Tegart

File 4:

  • The public resolutions passed after the bomb attempt on Sir Charles Tegart 1930 .

File 5:

  • Copy of speech by Sir Charles Tegart to the Royal Empire Society on ‘Terrorism in India’, 1 November 1932.
  • Newspaper cuttings referring to this speech from The Englishman; Times Educational Supplement; Liberty; Amrita Bazar Patrika; The Statesman; The Tribune.

File 6:

  • Miscellaneous papers relating to the attempted assassination of Sir Charles Tegart 1930. (Judgements, statements etc.)

File 7:

  • Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings, many about Bakr-Id disturbances, Lord Lytton, the Bengal disturbances, and Sir Charles Tegart’s efficiency in the Police Department; from New Statesman; The Bengalee; The Basumati; The Moslem Chronicle; The Englishman; Forward; Capital; Amrita Bazar Patrika; The Times; The Statesman; The New Empire; The Daily Mail; Hansard on the Bengal Ordinance; The Commercial Gazette.
  • Copy of extract from a letter from His Highness the Maharaja of Nepal, to His Excellency the Governor of Bengal, 16 February 1928.

File 8:

  • Copies of letters (secret) from C.W. Gwynne, Officiating Joint Secretary to the Government of India to the Chief Secretary to the Government of Bengal, September 1923, regarding revolutionary activity in Bengal. (Pre-Bengal Ordinances.)
  • MS report on Sakyendra Nath Guha 14 February 1925 (revolutionary activities.)
  • Secret paper on meeting between Mahatma Gandhi and Sir Charles Tegart on 24 June 1925 about release of prisoners in Bengal. (2 copies) TS 10 pp.
  • Typed note on communal tension and the terrorist movement, the Swaraj Party and the reforms in India by Sir Charles Tegart, in answer to a request from J.G. Forward at the India Office. 18 May 1926. 7 pp.
  • Typed note on policy towards detainees of terrorist organizations in Bengal – n.d. but after March 1927. 10 pp.

File 9:

  • Judgment: Emperor v. Dr. Narain Roy and others. Confidential. Printed. Signed by H.C. Stork, Ashutosh Ghosh, Adilizzaman Khan. 27 November 1930. 41 pp.

File 10:

  • ‘Revolutionaries of Bengal: their methods and ideals.’ Published by Hemantakumar Sarkar, The Indian Book Club, Calcutta, 1923.