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Lent by the Earl of Cromartie

Xerox copies of sixty-two items: letters, regimental orders etc., copies and duplicates 1780-81.

Most of the correspondence is to and from Major James Mackenzie of the 73rd Foot and Lord Macleod, Colonel (later Major General) of that Regiment, about the quartering and provision which was not provided for Major Mackenzie’s English and Native troops at Fort St. George on his arrival; the day to day running of the regiment, especially provisioning and accommodation, and Returns to the Secretary of War in London. The places from which the correspondence originates are: Fort St. George, Lucknow, Ghyretty, Poonamallee, St. Thome, etc.

Orders to Messrs. Bisshopp and Brummell, Agents, London, for scarlet cloth for clothing the N.C.O.s and Privates of the Regiment annually.

Account of the fall of the Fort at Gwalior, dated Benares, 24 August 1780, no signature.

Return of the First Battalion of the 73rd Regiment for six months dated 10 October 1780 to Rt. Hon. Charles Jenkinson, Secretary of War, including accounts of conflict with Hyder Ali at Conjeveram, and the retreat to Chingleput.

Account written by James Mackenzie of all the events which happened to him from January – November 1780 written from Chingleput.

Regimental Orders, St. Thome’s, 19 November 1780.

Copy of a letter from an officer of General Goddard’s army near Condoly to Major Sydenham at Madras 25 March 1781 on action during Maratta War.

Letters relating to Lord Macleod’s statement of the 73rd Regiment of Foot about the ill-treatment of a Detachment under Captain Mackenzie by the Captain of the Company’s ship, theĀ Granby, 1781.

Copy of a letter from Captain Gomond to Major Sydenham 24 April 1781 about campaign as above.

Acknowledgments from War Office of Lord Macleod’s reports on actions in the campaign against Hyder Ali May 1781; other letters from war Office.

Letter from East India House to Messrs. Bisshopp and Brummel saying that they have insufficient room in their ships to send the scarlet cloth order for the 73rd Regiment, 12 July 1781.

Letter about pay from Bisshopp and Brummell.

Letter about pay from C. Jenkinson at the War Office to Lord Macleod enclosing the Act of Parliament which established an agreement with the East India Co. to pay 2 laks of rupees per annum for each regiment of 1000 men; further letters about subsistence payment and other expenses.