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Rev. P. Godfrey-Faussett

Microfilm No. 25

Microfilm of two volumes of the daily diaries kept while in the Forest Service Ceylon for the years 1923-37. Only two of the volumes have been microfilmed, namely the first (1923) and the last (1937), as being representative of the fifteen volumes.

There are also four photographic albums, mainly of personal shots, but also showing aspects of life in Ceylon, covering the same period as the diaries. The original diaries and the photographic albums are in the possession of Mr. Godfrey-Faussett.

1923: memoranda contains list of places and dates visited; starts on voyage to Ceylon, at Straits of Messina, description of voyage and first year as forest officer in Ceylon; Jaffna; touring; concerned with people (Europeans) and events; very little about work, Ceylonese, and the country; some shooting. Good picture of social life of the time, and daily work of a young forest officer; written daily; lists of places he visits and dates and books he read during the year.

1937: starts Tuesday 19 January, at end of his time in Ceylon. Irregular entries; brief notes about work, but a great deal of family, polo, and Scout activity; family returns home.

At the end are some accounts.