Goodman Papers

R.T.W. Goodman, Executive Engineer, Discharge Division, Lahore. Papers, diagrams, figures and charts relating to the building of the Mandi Dam.
6 boxes, 1908-42.

Given by Mrs E.H. Goodman

Box 1 РTechnical papers and plans relating to the building of the Mandi Dam, Lahore.

Box 2 – Hydro-electric report for the Mandi Hydro-Electric Scheme, 1937-38.

Box 3 – Technical papers and reports, Mandi Dam; Technical papers regarding the Bikaner Canal; Technical drawings.

Box 4 – Technical volumes on irrigation and electrical engineering.

Box 5 – Technical volumes and mathematical tables.

Box 6 – Charts maps and plans for the Mandi Dam, Lahore.