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(W. Meiklejohn, C.I.E., I.F.S. and Mrs. F. Meiklejohn)

Given by Mrs. Meiklejohn Assam: 1940-1964

  1. Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Meiklejohn from Keith Cantlie, former Commissioner Assam. Written from London. Dated 18.12.1964. Concerns mutual friends formerly in Assam or still there. 9pp.
  2. Grant of Probate of Will of George Frederick Smith, late of Shillong. Dated 30.8.1940. Mrs. Meiklejohn’s father. 3pp.
  3. ‘Forest Interlude’. Account of a tour of a forestry officer and wife. Written by Mrs. Meiklejohn. 4pp.
  4. Account of Post-Independence situation in Assam. 5pp. Writer unnamed.
  5. Booklet: ‘The Management of Elephant Catching Operations in Assam’. Govt. publication. 7pp.
  6. Booklet: ‘Assam’ Oxford Pamphlets on Indian Affairs. 32pp.
  7. Booklet: ‘Khasi Monuments near Shillong’ by J.P. Mills, C.I.E., I.C.S. Honorary Director of Ethnography to Govt. of Assam. 7pp.
  8. Two New Year cards of handmade paper by Tribals of Balipara Frontier Tract (North-East Frontier Agency)
  9. Newspaper cuttings from New Zealand about Indian affairs. May 1948.
  10. Hand-woven handkerchief from Karimganj Cooperative Yarn and Cloth Sale Society.
  11. Plan of seating at dinner, Government House, Darjeeling, dated 12.6.1941.
  12. Invitation for ‘At Home’ from the Governor (of Assam) and Lady Hydari to meet Lord and Lady Mountbatten. 15 March 1948.
  13. Undated newspaper cutting Chinese promise to end support of Naga rebels.
  14. Letter and Photograph from ayah. 5 April 1964.
  15. Letters, including one from Lt. General. J.W. Slim of 20 February 1944, concerning Mrs. Meiklejohn’s work with Red Cross. Also 14th Army badge. Two red cross badges; Kaisar-i-Hind (Bronze) citation. Letters dated 15 December 1944 and 20 July 1945.
  16. Six short sketches by Mrs Meiklejohn: ‘Tiger Shoot’, ‘Elephants’, ‘The Khasis’, ‘Akbar the Baby Elephant’, ‘Forest Interlude’, (written post 1945) ‘Just a Memory’.
  17. Xerox copy of article from Polo Magazine: Vol. II No. 1: ‘Oldest Polo Club’ 5pp.
  18. Mementos and newspaper cuttings of Independence Day.
  19. S.E.A.C. Souvenir. Services Newspaper of South East Asia Command. No date. 8pp.
  20. The Statesman Supplement of 15 August 1947. 11pp.
  21. Envelope containing three photographs:
    • Mrs. Florence Meiklejohn on tour 1937-8 Assam.
    • Khasi ayah to Mrs. Meiklejohn.
    • Mrs. F. Meiklejohn in rickshaw drawn by 3 Bhutias in Forestry uniform, 1939 Darjeeling.
  22. Two numbers of magazine: The Oriental Traveller’s Gazette October – December 1939; April – June 1941. Published by Thomas Cook and Son Ltd., Bombay.