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Donated by Ms S. Mitchell, via Kirsteen Kim, Henry Martyn Centre.

Collection of letters and postcards from Mary D. Jacques to her friend Sylvia Mitchell, written from her travels around Europe and then from India, where her husband was stationed in Bombay [Mumbai], working for CIBA. 1938-39

Small Collections Box 14

  1. 14.7.1938. Letter from Swinton, Nr. Manchester. Mostly domestic – mentions first meeting with Dick Jacques.
  2. 28.7.1938. Postcard from Basel, on holiday with Richard (Dick) Jacques.
  3. 2.9.1938. Wedding invitation for a ceremony on September 7th.
  4. 8.9.1938. Postcard from honeymoon in Suothport.
  5. 26.9.1938. Farwell postcard from Victoria Station.
  6. 4.10.1938. Letter from Basel. Long description of a business trip to Basel, to visit the headquarters of CIBA (RJ’s employer). Details social visits and tourist trips made by MDJ.
  7. 7.10.1938. Postcard written prior to sailing for Bombay [Mumbai] on RMS Strathmore.
  8. 11.10.1938. Letter describing life on board en route to Bombay.
  9. 23.10.1938. Postcard announcing arrival in Bombay.
  10. 25.10.1938. Letter from Bombay describing first days and impressions of life in Bombay. (Three more copies of the same)
  11. 4.11.1938. Letter from Bombay, decsribing settling in ot social and work life in Bombay.
  12. 6.11.1938. Entirely personal letter.
  13. 9.1.1939. Letter describing life on tour with her husband in South India.
  14. 11.1.1939. Letter from Bombay with further social and domestic description.
  15. 28.1.1939. 31.1.1939. Letters from travels to Madras. Purely social and personal.
  16. 13.4.1939. Personal letter from Bombay. Describes moving into a new house and settling in there.
  17. 3.8.1939. Letter announcing intention to return to UK due to ill-health.
  18. 12.8.1939. Letter from T.M.S. Cilicia on the voyage back to the UK.
  19. News clippings announcing MDJ’s death in 1966.