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Miscellaneous papers on Malaysia and Indonesia given by H. George, Esq.

  1. Dusun custom in Putatan District compiled by Pangeran Osman bin O.K.K. Pangeran Haji Omar, Deputy Assistant District Officer, Putatan with a translation by G.C. Woolley. Government Printing Office, Jesselton, North Borneo, 1932. 56pp.
  2. Interim report by Professor J.L. Landgraf to the Government of North Borneo on socio-anthropological field work amongst the Muruts in 1954-1955. Government Printing Department, Jesselton, North Borneo, 1956. 28pp., maps.
  3. Sarawak. Land law and adat. A report by A.J.N. Richards. Government Printing Office, Kuching, 1961. 78pp.
  4. Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. Vol. XX. Part II. December 1947. Malaya Publishing House Ltd., Singapore. 202pp., ill.
  5. Malaysian Branch Royal Asiatic Society Reprint No. 4. A centenary volume 1877-1977. Printed for the M.B.R.A.S. Singapore, 1977. 358pp.
  6. ‘Report of the Colony of North Borneo Rubber Commission, February 1949.’ 50pp., typescript. Appendices A-M.
  7. ‘The Achenese’ by Dr C. Snouck Hurgronje, Adviser for Native Affairs, Netherlands, India. Translated by the late A.W. S. O’Sullivan, Assistant Colonial Secretary, Straits Settlements, with an index by R.J. Wilkinson, Inspector of Schools, Federated Malay States. Typescript bound in two volumes: 380 and 410pp.