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C.L.R. Glasfurd

Lent by A.L. Glasfurd on indefinite loan

MS diaries: 1860-61, Nagpur; 1861-62, 1862-63, 1868 Upper Godavery District.

TS account by A. L. Glasfurd of the diaries with précis of the contents of each volume. 4 pp. (2 copies)

Takes charge of new district and makes HQ at Seroncha; also political. agent of Bastar and Kalahandi; describes Government attempt to make Godavari nevigable to small craft. Topographical and anthropological detail of the first European to live in the region for any length of time, and revealing an unusual attitude of kindness and interest in the indigenous people.

Genealogical booklet entitled The Glasfurd Family 1550-1972 by Alec Glasfurd. Privately printed 1972.

See also STEPHENS, I.M. for notes on other members of the Glasfurd family.