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Given by Major J. Sprot of Riddell

Rajputana, Gwalior: 1858, 1906

  1. Printed pamphlet: My Indian Experiences, by Lt. General J. Sprot of Riddell. Selkirk, 1906.
    • Chapter 1: The cause of the Indian Mutiny. March to Neemuch to raise the siege. Description of Neemuch. Punishments to native rebels.
    • Chapter 2: Siege of Kotah. Marches to Kherwara, stays as guest of Rajah of Udaipur on the way. Description of organising marches (800 miles per month). Attacked by Bheels. Rescued. Marches successfully to Deesa through mutinous country. Continues to Nusserbad to take up post of Executive Engineer in P.W.D. Travels by Camel (40 miles per day) taking 8 days. Arrives Nusserbad, takes over as Executive Engineer of the Rajputana Field Force with charge of the Rajputana States. Description of duties.
    • Chapter 3: Brief biographical note on life up to the time of the Mutiny.
  2. Pamphlet: The Family History of the Sprots of Riddell. (By permission of the author, reprinted from Annals of a Border Club, by George Tancred of Weems). Selkirk, 1899. (14pp.)