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Received through the good offices of Dr N. Bullock.

Gavin Scott, I.C.S. Joined Service and posted to Burma 1899; sent in 1916 on a mission to Bombay to investigate the administrative system with a view to improving the system in Rangoon; President of Municipality of Rangoon 1917; Scott’s new Municipal Act for Rangoon finally approved in 1922.

Typed transcripts of five letters sent by Mr Scott to his father between February and April 1916. The letters were written while Scott was in India to study the Bombay Municipality. They were transcribed by Scott’s father so he could send the texts to his other sons abroad. The present transcripts are taken from the father’s letters. 11ff.

Scott made visits to Ahmedabad and Surat and included a chapter in his report on those municipalities. He travelled back to Calcutta by way of Delhi, Agra and Lucknow.