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Manohar Singh Gill. Joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1958; Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Punjab 1970-72; Secretary to Governor, Punjab 1972; Secretary, National Cooperative Development Corporation 1972-75 when he became Managing Director; appointed Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Punjab 1977. Mr Gill was in Cambridge on study leave 1974-75 working on a book which was published as Agriculture cooperatives: a case study of Punjab (New Delhi, Vikas, 1983). The 16 files of papers listed below date from that period and are concerned with the cooperative movement in India in the 1960s and 1970s.

These files are held in a collection of 20 boxes. File numbers do not correspond to box numbers.

Given by Mr Gill.

  • File I: Discussion papers – cooperative movement in Punjab, April 1964 – September 1974. 19 files.
  • File II: Memoranda from Registrar, Cooperative Societies, Punjab, Chandigarh 1962-69. 5 files.
  • File III: Press Cuttings. Cooperative movement. 2 files.
  • File IV: Mr S.S. Grewal papers. 2 files.
  • File V: Cooperative Banks. 5 files.
  • File VI: Miscellaneous papers on cooperative movement in India, drafts, synopses etc., for M. S. Gill’s book.
  • File VII: Miscellaneous reprints, reports etc. 8 items.
  • File VIII: Miscellaneous papers on cooperative movement. (Used by M. S. Gill while writing his book).
  • File IX: Agriculture cooperatives.)
  • File X: Cooperative Marketing-
    1. Growth of MARKFED in Punjab.
    2. Wheat procurement by cooperatives in India.
    3. A study on MARKFED canneries, Jullundur.
    4. Case study of integrated oil complex at Khanna, Punjab. Dr Rajagopal.
    5. Notes for Registrars’ Conference. 1974.
    6. Cooperative marketing in India. Papers.
    7. Marketing and distribution of fertilizers through cooperatives: prospects and retrospects. M.S. Gill.
    8. Role of Panjab State Cooperative Supply and Marketing Federation Ltd., on the programme of cooperative storage.
    9. Distribution of agricultural inputs by cooperatives, M.S. Gill.
    10. Trends in fertilizer marketing by cooperatives. M.M.K. Wali.
    11. Report of the study team on fertilizer marketing by cooperatives in India, 1974.
    12. MARKFED (The Punjab State Cooperative Supply and Marketing Federation) Annual Reports 1969-1973.
    13. Genesis of N.C.D.C.
    14. The Punjab Cooperative Societies (amendment) Ordinance 1969.
  • File XI: Papers on the Punjab and Indian Consumers’ Cooperatives Movement-
    1. Notes on consumers movement.
    2. Seminar on consumers cooperation. Discussion papers by R.D. Bedi.
    3. Interim report on evaluation of consumer cooperatives. Planning Commission 1965.
    4. Proceedings of the Conference of Additional/Joint Registrars (consumer cooperatives) and Presidents/Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers of State Consumer Cooperative Federations. New Delhi Oct/Nov 1973.
    5. Agenda papers of Conference (see 4).
  • File XII: Cooperative production,processing and marketing of sugar-
    1. National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Ltd., Annual Report 1973-74.
    2. Sugar Industry Enquiry Commission 1974. Chapter V.
    3. Notes on problems of Batala sugar mills.
    4. Report of Sugar Enquiry Commission. October 1965.
    5. Note on problems of establishing new sugar factories during the Fifth Plan.
    6. Presidential address of Shri Roshan Lal Shukla at fifteenth annual meeting of the National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Ltd. Feb 1975.
    7. Papers regarding cooperative sugar factories.
    8. a&b Cooperative sugar. Vol. 6, Nos. 4 and 5. 1974.
    9. Cooperative sugar factories play a vital role in socio-economic upliftment of rural population. Maharashtra State.
    10. Poverty to prosperity. Role of sugar cooperatives in India.
    11. Sugarcane industry of Maharashtra. Y.J. Mohite.
    12. Formulation of fifth five year plan on cooperation.
    13. National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Ltd. Replies to the general questionnaire issued by the Sugar Industry Enquiry Commission.
    14. Paper from fifty-seventh meeting of the Board of Directors, National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Ltd. 1974.
    15. Planning Commission: towards an approach to the fifth plan.
    16. Ashok Sahakari Sakar Karkhana Ltd. Eleventh Annual Report.
    17. Annual Reports of Kumbhi-Kasari Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. 1966-67.
    18. Bye-Laws of Shri Dnyaneshwar Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd, Kunana.
  • Files XIII and XIV: Cooperative credit societies in India Statistics. 1959-72.
  • Files XV and XVI:
    1. State Ministers’ Conference on cooperation 1955-1971.
    2. Ministry of Agriculture (Department of Cooperation) Annual Report 1960-974.

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