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Lieutenant General Charles Pollard

Given by Mrs. H. Pollard

  1. Commissions of appointment of Charles Pollard: As 2nd Lieutenant of Engineers in service of E.I.C. from 12 December 1845 (two copies – one on parchment and sealed); as Lieutenant Colonel from 10 November 1869.
  2. Unnamed and undated newspaper cutting relating Colonel Pollard’s relinquishment of the office of consulting engineer for guaranteed railways, and a brief survey of his career in that post.
  3. Extract from administration report of the C.P. for the year 1868-69 relating to Pollard.
  4. Punjab Government notifications and orders. Home department. General. 17 January 1883. Notification of the retirement from public service of Major General C. Pollard, and a brief curriculum vitae.
  5. Memorandum of instruction for the general guidance of all branches to be employed in Field Service under the command of Brigadier General Chamberlain, C.B. Appendix A. Instructions, MSS (true copy) one double and one single sheet. Camp Dera Ghazee Khan, 6 March 1860. Appendix B. Memoir of tools useful with a company of sappers on service in the hills. Kohat, 13 January 1860.
  6. List of tools to be taken with the Detachment (sic) by order of Captain C Pollard, Engineers Commandant. One sheet, MSS. Peshawar, 6 December 1859.
  7. Large white envelope containing:
    • MSS account of the explosion of the Mooltan Magazine, 30 December 1848. Extracts from letters of Arthur W. Garrett at the Siege of Mooltan, 31 December 1848 and 1 January 1849, written presumably by General C. Pollard.
    • Record of officers’ services: Charles Pollard. 4 pp. Xerox copy.
    • Dispatch by the Adjutant C. Browne, Deputy Commissioner, of the mutiny of the 14th Regiment N.I. which took place at Jhelum on 7 July 1857. True copy. The narrative dated 17 July 1857. MSS. 10 pp. (Mention of Pollard.)
    • Six dispatches relating to the Siege of Mooltan, some mentioning Pollard. January 1849.
    • Coloured sketch map of Mooltan with military positions.
    • Plan of the Bunds thrown across Modraj’s canals previous to the commencement of the siege operations. (Indian ink on very thin paper.)
    • Plan of the city of Delhi showing a portion of its environs and the position of the British force during the siege and capture of the place in September 1857. This is printed with other relevant smaller maps of the siege, on the back of a sheet of the ‘Great trigonomical survey of India 1871 of Delhi and environs’.
  8. Letters from Lt. Charles Pollard to his mother at the time of the mutiny: Goojerat 17 March 1857 (incomplete); Kutala on the river Chenab, 20 May 1857 (incomplete); Goojerat, 1 October 1857 (complete); Goojerat, 16 October 1857 (incomplete); single sheet with quotation from a poem.
  9. Material belonging to General C. Pollard, and his son, Colonel W.C. Pollard:
    • MSS copies of report by Captain W.C. Pollard, Officer in Charge, Kashmir Contingent to the Chief of the Staff Hazara Field Force, written from Camp Batgraon, 31 October 1888.
    • Report on field operation Kashmir Contingent on Chattar Plain, 9 November 1888. 5 sheets.
    • Extract from Regimental Orders, mentioning Captain Pollard, by Major J. Higginson, Commanding lst Punjab Infantry 18 May 1881.
    • Report of Board of Examiners, Fort William, on examination in Hindustani by Lt. W.C. Pollard, R.A., September 1889.
    • Extract from General Orders – appointment of Major W.C. Pollard, Second in Command 15th Bengal Lancers, as Commandant, vice Lt. Col. Ditmas, vacated. 18 December 1899.
    • Letter from G. Simpson, at the palace, Mandalay, 20 January 1887, to Lt. W.C. Pollard about troop movements, and also congratulating him on his success. Enclosed is a true copy by W.C. Pollard of a letter from C. Bernard to Colquhoun, Mandalay, 20 February, about Pollard, announcing he is to be gazetted to magisterial powers.
    • Certificate of appointment of William Charles Pollard, as lieutenant, in the army, 14 August 1876 – the certificate is signed 28 February 1878.
    • Two pencil sketches, one of a bungalow called St. Andrews, Naini Tal, 29 June 1882, and the other called Loralai, 1 a.m. 15 May 1897. Possibly by Pollard?
    • Order book of 3rd Squadron by W.C. Pollard and others. Continues as diary of Samoon, October 1886, and further diary of the regiment in Burma patrols etc. by various hands, up to 1887, including W.C. Pollard’s; enclosed in it is a copy by W.C. Pollard of field operations Mandalay, 28 February 1887.
  10. An exercise book containing scraps and quotations from various sources. No note as to who made it.