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Papers of W.S. Thom, Burma Police Service, 1887-1926. His uncle, Col. David Sinclair, was Inspector of Jails & Hospitals, Rangoon, circa 1885, and his brother-in-law, R.M. Aldworth, was a mine owner in Taunggyi, Southern Shan States, Upper Burma.

Small Collections Box 23

Memoir, written in his 80s, mostly about game hunting in Burma:

  • Preface, 8pp.
  • Ch.1. Elephants and elephant shooting, 26pp.
  • Ch.2. Tiger shooting, 43pp.
  • Ch.3. Some dacoit hunting days and other reminiscences, 1887-1948, 20pp.
  • Ch.4. Gaus or bison shooting in Burma, 26pp.
  • Ch.5. The Malay tapir, 7pp.
  • Ch.6. Rhinoceros shooting, 42pp.
  • Ch.7. The Malayan or Burmese Sambar, 17pp.
  • Ch.8. Leopard shooting in Burma, the black, the ordinary, and the clouded leopard and the panther, 13pp.
  • Ch.9. Other Burmese jungle animals, 12pp.
  • Ch.10. Administration of The Hill District of the Arakan Hill Tracts of Burma from 15 Sept.1906 to 26 May 1926, with a few digressions on poisonous snakes, wild dogs, etc. 37pp.