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Rajputana 1912 – 1915

Lieutenant Colonel J.M. Guyon. Joined Bengal Sappers and Miners at Roorkee in 1934; served, amongst other places, in Quetta, Baluchistan and Delhi; returned to U.K. 1938. During Second World War Colonel Guyon was engaged in preparing anti-invasion measures in Ceylon and in assisting with power supplies in Calcutta. Later he served under General Wingate in Burma laying down airstrips for the reoccupation of Burma; returned to U.K. 1944.

A Small collection of 14 invitation cards to major and Mrs Guyon from the Maharajah of Jodhpur and others. Also programmes of sporting events and shipboard menu cards.

Additional papers given by Colonel Guyon.

  1. Typescript memoir by Colonel Guyon Recollections of the Raj’ written in 1982. A lively account of life in a prestige corps of Sappers whose duties involved much work on the North-West Frontier. Guyon’s professional activities included relief measures after the Bihar and Quetta earthquakes; building a temporary township in Delhi; road construction in tribal territory; and building barracks in Waziristan. The memoir contains descriptions of social life and of leisure activities such as tiger and duck hunting. There is an account of a journey that Guyon undertook in the vacation of 1934 along the old trade route to Tibet. No European had followed this route for some twenty years. 10pp.
  2. Indian newspaper cuttings of around 1906 relating to the social activities of relatives of Colonel Guyon together with an explanatory note. 6ff